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How to Keep a Small Apartment Organised

You may be wondering why your small apartment is more challenging to organise. When you consider the limited space, it should be easy enough to maintain. 

Green two seater sofa.
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However, you are surrounded by so much stuff, and your living space is forever messy. This may be because you have accumulated more things than your space can manage and not enough storage space to keep them neatly hidden away. 

Additionally, dust and dirt can start building up in areas of your apartment that you cannot see because of everything you have inside your home.

Although you wish you had more space and a bigger home, you can still keep your small apartment clean and organised.

A system can help you transform your small space into a cosy, attractive home that you can proudly show off. You will always look forward to spending more time inside and coming home after a full day at work.

Below are some helpful suggestions to keep your small apartment organised.

Start clearing the clutter

Most people do not look forward to decluttering, primarily because they are attached to their belongings. 

However, holding on to things that serve no purpose is pointless, using valuable space and making your place messy and cramped. 

The best choice is to sort through your items and decide which ones have to go. Then, after disposing of or giving away unnecessary stuff, there will be more space and storage areas to keep what is left behind.

Use furniture that performs other functions

For a small apartment, you should consider smaller furniture, preferably those that serve other purposes. For example, you can use storage benches that are great for keeping some of your stuff and work well when you have guests. 

Choose the suitable size for your apartment and make them more comfortable with attractive throw pillows. You can also make your small bedroom more spacious by using a sofa bed. 

You can also start keeping your clothes and other bedroom items neatly stored while enhancing the look of your bedroom with fitted wardrobes that you have been eyeing for some time now.

Clean regularly

The only way to ensure that your place is spotless is to clean it regularly. Make it a habit to dust daily and clean all surfaces.

It would be best if you always cleaned your bathroom and kitchen thoroughly to eliminate germs and bacteria that can make you sick. 

Always ensure you dispose of trash and do not leave dirty dishes in the sink. An organised home is a healthy home, which you can only achieve through regular cleaning. It would also be best to do general cleaning at least once every month.

Keep items where they belong

Make it a point always to return things where they belong after using them. If you leave them off for later, you will soon find a build-up of stuff sitting in places where they shouldn't be. 

You will also have a more challenging time finding things you need if you don't return them to their designated storage spaces.

Your tiny apartment can be a dream home if you keep it neat and clean, so now is the best time to start organising!

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