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Easy Egg Fried Rice

 A quick and simple recipe for egg fried rice that is just like the takeaway. Loads of flavour and it's a doddle to make.

Egg Fried Rice
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Recommended equipment

Ingredients in Egg Fried Rice

  • vegetable oil
  • garlic
  • cooked boiled rice - completely cold
  • sesame oil
  • egg  
  • light soy sauce
  • dark soy sauce
  • white pepper
  • To serve
  • sliced spring onions - scallions

Can I freeze Cooked Rice?

Yes, you can freeze this egg fried rice, but you will need to spread it out on a large baking sheet so it will cool quickly, then cover and freeze. You must freeze it as soon as possible.

Be sure never to leave cooked rice out at room temperature - see how to store cooked rice safely.

Defrost in the refrigerator overnight (and don't store for more than 24 hours)
Thoroughly reheat it.

To Reheat

Reheat in a wok, over medium-high heat, moving it around the pan with a spatula, until piping hot, you will need to add a splash of oil and top with fresh spring onions.

How to Make Egg Fried Rice

Please note the pictures are showing just one portion but the recipe is for two.

Heat the vegetable oil in a wok over medium heat and fry the minced garlic for a few seconds. Turn the heat up and, using a spatula, stir in the cooked cold rice and drizzle over the sesame oil and sprinkle over the white pepper.

Keep moving everything around so the rice heats up evenly and doesn't burn.

Frying rice for egg fried rice

Once the rice is nice and hot move the rice to one side and then crack in the egg.

Make sure the heat is on more on the side of the egg, fry the egg and give it a mix until it just starts to cook but is still a bit on the runny side.

Rice and egg in a frying pan

Mix the egg with the rice and stir in both of the soy sauces. Give it another stir and serve.

Egg Fried Rice in a wok

Serve topped with the sliced spring onions - scallions.

Egg Fried Rice topped with Spring Onions - scallions

What to Serve with Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice Recipe

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