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How to Adopt an Olive Tree as a Gift

To some people, the concept of adopting an olive tree may sound like a quite far-fetched idea, but you will be surprised at the rate at which people are pursuing this idea.

You may be wondering what it really means to adopt an olive tree because it is not every day that you hear such a thing.

Olive tree

Main image by James Lee on Unsplash

Well, in simple words, adopting an olive tree simply means that you are becoming a significant part of the whole story behind that particular flavour, and while doing that you will also receive Kalamata oil as a gift.

It is amazing to see that so many people are adopting this concept and prospering every day. But you may be interested in learning more details about this, so without further ado here’s everything you need to know. 

What Does It Mean to Adopt an Olive Tree?

Adopting an olive tree is an amazing way to be in a nurturing role towards green life, and it can also be a very powerful experience that you are having the opportunity to become a part of the story behind the olive family

To adopt the role of a parent for the olive tree means that you are contributing towards the growth of that olive tree and are helping with the retention of a tradition and the various production methods that are sustainable. 

What Happens When You Adopt?

When you become part of the story of an olive tree family, you help them cultivate or nurture the olive trees in a much more sustainable way. 

Moreover, they will be able to produce pure and unfiltered olive oil that is of high quality and will have special attributes that are linked to that specific family. 

If you are going to adopt an olive tree linked with the Mediterranean climate then it will have corresponding characteristics. The decision to go through with this process has to be yours only and so will be the benefits. 

You Get to Have an Amazing Gift!

It does not matter if you are planning for Mother’s Day, Christmas, anniversary, wedding, birthday, or welcoming a new baby, olive trees can be an amazing gift befitting of all occasions. 

If you are considering adopting an olive tree, it’s not very difficult at all. You can follow simple steps to go through with the adoption. 

1. Select The Duration: 

While adopting an olive tree you can either go for the half-year or annual option. 

2. Adopting an Olive Tree:

There are various packages that you can purchase and adopt the olive tree without much hassle at all. 

3. Olive Tree Adoption Package

Usually, it takes about four business days to get a personalized olive tree package completed and delivered to you. While going through the renewal, you may even get a member’s discount. 

4. Kalamata Oil

When you make a relevant purchase and go through the adoption process of the olive tree, the Greek Kalamata oil gets shipped to you as an amazing gift. 

Pasta spilling from a jar

Main image by Quin Engle on Unsplash

There are various factors that you need to take into account before going through with the adoption of the olive tree. 

These factors include your budget, overall time for the delivery, and whether you are going to support mass producers or just a local family. However, once you are done with the whole process, it is instantly rewarding.

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