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5 Tips for Upgrading Your Bedroom on a Budget

Your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary and a place where you can recharge your battery ahead of a tough day. The quality of your sleep will largely depend on your room’s design, so your first goal should be to make it as sleep-friendly as possible. 

Stylish grey bedroom

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What’s great about a bedroom is that you don’t have to turn it upside down to make it look good. Sometimes, only a few auditions will do the trick. Let’s take a look at a few simple things you can do to upgrade your bedroom on a budget.

Get a New Mattress

The very first thing we would suggest you do is to invest in a good mattress. Find a big one to stretch out on and on which you’ll feel comfortable no matter the temperature. 

If you happen to sleep with someone else, look at models that isolate movement. Do not fall for fads either, and look at what different types of mattresses have to offer before you make your decision.

Get a New Quilt

Now would also be a great time to look for a quilt or duvet cover for the bed. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find tons of great quilts both online and offline for under $100 (£75). 

Discount stores are your best friend there. You should also keep your eyes and ears peeled for any brand name seasonal closeout sales.

If you are not squeamish about buying used stuff, we also suggest you check out thrift stores. Many of them have bedding and you’d be surprised at the quality you could find. All you have to do is have it cleaned professionally beforehand, and it will feel just as good as new. 

New Window Treatments

Adding new window treatments is another thing that you should consider. These can be very affordable, you can even create window drapes yourself if you have a bit of experience with fabrics. 

If you had Venetian or horizontal blinds, switching to colourful drapes could completely transform the look of your bedroom.

Get Creative with Paint

Painting is another very simple way to give a bedroom a makeover. But try to do something original here. You could paint only the wall behind your headboard, for instance. 

Another option would be to use one colour for the walls and a different one for the ceiling. You can separate both areas with moulding.

Note that you can save even more by choosing foam moulding instead of wood. It will look just as great too. Do not overlook wallpaper. New styles of wallpaper look much better than they used to and will make your room look upmarket in an instant. You can choose to cover the entire wall, or only use strips.

Look for Deals

We would also suggest that you go out and hunt for deals. Flea markets can be goldmines for accent pieces. Something like a bench could look great at the foot of the bed, for instance. It’s even better if it has old upholstery. 

Even something like a piano bench could look great. If you have some DIY skills, you could pick up an old bench and repaint it. 

Choose a colour that will complement the rest of the room while making the bench stand out if you want to create a focal piece.

These are all simple tricks that you can use to upgrade your bedroom on a dime. Most of these won’t cost you over $100 (£75), so look at what could work for you, and don’t be afraid to use a little bit of your imagination.

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