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Acti Labs Hydra-Slim Plus

Healthy weight loss, I'm so excited to tell you about my discovery of Hydra-Slim Plus - here's my review!

Healthy weight loss with Hydra-Slim Plus health drink
Main image by Acti Labs

But before I go on, it's important for me to tell you I was not sent this to review I bought it myself.

Buying this or any other products from Urban Retreat, via my link below you will get 10% off of your first order and your first order of EVERY month and I will earn 10% too. 

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To be perfectly honest, I've never really believed in any kind of diet product and have never thought they were a good thing since there's nothing like just eating a balanced diet to lose weight.

I'm not one for diet plans since I know there's no way I'd be able to stick to one.

However, after seeing so many fantastic results from so many people and hearing of all the benefits AND actually learning about this particular product, I'm super excited to tell you about it.

So, having bought a bottle myself I'm now only on day 4 today; Sunday 25th July 2021.

I want to share my personal thoughts on this product, where to buy it, and how to get rewards including 10% off and more.

Hydra-Slim Plus is basically a health drink but it should help you lose the inches too.

Benefits of Hydra-Slim Plus

✅ Gets to work straight away by breaking down the fat cells in your body.

✅Speeds up Metabolism.

✅Suppresses Appetite.

Cleanse your Body of Toxins


Regulates Blood Sugar Levels which is so important for mood swings

Helps with water retention and gas elimination 

Vegan-friendly plant-based formula

WARNING! Side effects are Fabulous Hair, Skin and Nails 😍

There's so much goodness going into your system you’re going to get that feel-good feeling. Plus your hair skin and nails will be going from strength to strength!

All Natural Ingredients

Here are some of the natural ingredients that go towards making this POWER DRINK


Gives energy and helps digestion.


Speeds up metabolism burns fat, increases energy, and helps increase blood flow to give better circulation.


Helps to reduce stress and gives a feel-good factor.


Fights gum bacteria and plaque build-up and maintains a healthy digestive system.


Helps with hay fever, headaches and liver disorders.


Supports slimming, fat and sugar absorption, and controls glucose levels.


Aids digestion and elimination and the health of the digestive tract.


Natural adaptogen increases resistance to stress-related burnout, exhaustion and anxiety.


Known to offer rejuvenating health benefits for the body and soothe digestive problems.


Supports slimming and weight loss and helps to burn off fats.


Helps relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety. Possibly aids menopausal symptoms of insomnia and irritation.

Proven by Independent Clinical Trials

The Hydra-Slim Plus trials were conducted by an Independent Test Clinic, by Certified Doctors, under Strict EU, approved Standards.

Subjects did not follow a calorie-controlled diet, they simply incorporated Hydra-Slim Plus with a well-balanced diet.

  • Weight loss & BMI reduction
  • Slims waist, thighs & hips
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan-friendly plant-based formula
  • 15 Power ingredients
  • Vitamin & mineral-rich

How to use Hydra-Slim Plus

Each bottle contains 250ml / 4.8fl oz which is 25 days supply.

Directions for use

The very first week you simply dilute 20ml (to give yourself a kick start) into 500ml of water then sip it gradually throughout the day.

Important - after the first week, you only dilute 10ml into 500 ml of water and sip throughout the day.

Do's and Dont's

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
  • Use in combination with a varied diet
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Keep product away from heat
  • Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Always consult your doctor before combining it with prescription medication
  • This product is a dietary supplement.
  • Keep refrigerated and use within 1 month of opening

My Thoughts on Hydra-Slim Plus Health Drink

Seriously I never in my life thought I'd be having anything like this. I'm trying to lose a bit of weight) and honestly, I wouldn't have given this a thought had it not been for the all-natural ingredients in this product.

So, as I mentioned earlier I'm on day 4 so it's very early days. I weighed myself on the first day I started and will weigh myself every week. 

I'll update this post after the first month to let you know how I get on.

Even in such a short time, I already feel full but not uncomfortably so. Hydra-Slim has stopped me from snacking which can only be a good thing!

So, I'm hoping I will lose this bit of weight once and for all - I did it once when I used to have my Weetabix Breakfast Smoothie, but sadly it never stays off and I seem to forever need to lose 9 lbs!

I've never really suffered from mood swings but I can say I feel good, I mean really good already after such a short time of taking Hydra-Slim and I don't feel as tired as usual.

Update - 6th September 2021

So, I've been taking HydraSlim Plus for 6 weeks now and honestly, I feel much less tired than ever before.

I have lost 1 and a half inches around my belly button and 1 and a half inches (2 inches below) my belly button.

Measurements were taken BEFORE I started using the wrap kit mentioned below, so it was defo the HydraSlim that did this.

As far as actual weight loss I have lost 4 pounds, but the inch loss is just fantastic. I am so excited you've no idea and now I'm on my third!

  • It's important for me to point out that I haven't been on any kind of diet at all - I do try but I can't do diets!
  • My nails are much better too, no more splitting like they used to.
  • I'm not anywhere near as tired as I used to be and I feel amazing.

Last week I tried the Lypo Sculpting Wrap Kit

Oh my goodness, seriously this is AMAZING, I still can't believe the difference.

Fast Delivery

I ordered it on a Wednesday and it arrived the very next day!

What does Hydra-Slim Plus taste like?

I tried adding just 10ml to 500ml of water (as you will do once you get past the first week) and it has a very weak taste, it's not exactly horrid but it's not that nice either

I'd describe it as having a plant-like taste; not that I've ever taken to eating plants you understand!

Anyway, my top tip is to add a little fruit squash, one that contains no added sugar and that makes all the difference, especially when you are in the first week and using 20ml because that is double the plant taste.

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  2. Hi Jan, this sounds amazing and filled with all good things. Look forward to hearing how you get on with it.

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