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Things to Remember When Working with Food

If you work in the food industry or simply enjoy cooking from home, you will already be familiar with many of the necessary procedures and precautions that you must take when working with food. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance.  People are going to eat the food you cook and so you have to make sure that you aren’t going to accidentally poison someone in the process.  Here are some vital things to remember when preparing and cooking food:

Washing hands in kitchen sink

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Wash your hands
The first thing and the most basic of these steps are to wash your hands before handling food. This is important to avoid the spread of bacteria onto food.  If you take a moment and think about everything you have touched throughout the day, you will realise that you have probably encountered numerous bacterial substances such as bins, toilets and pets etc. Use warm water and soap and clean them thoroughly beforehand.
Wear gloves when handling food
When preparing food for yourself or others, always wear a pair of disposable gloves.  These offer protection against the spread of bacteria and are often used in not only food services but also the medical profession.  They come in a range of different sizes and materials to suit your specific needs and the task at hand.  Once you have finished with your gloves, throw them in the bin.  Never use the same pair twice.

Clean the worktops
Before preparing food on the worktop, make sure that the surfaces have been cleaned properly with anti-bacterial cleaning products. You also need to ensure that the equipment you are using has been cleaned, including kitchen utensils and chopping boards etc.  According to food.gov it is also important to clear and clean as you go, to avoid contamination and to ensure you are always working on a clean surface.

Take out bins
If your bins are overflowing or close to full then it’s time to take them out.  Bins are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, which can easily spread to other parts of the kitchen.  Make sure that you take out your bins regularly and don’t leave them to pile up over time.

Wear blue plasters on cuts
If you have any cuts on your fingers, make sure that you wear a light blue plaster.  The main reason for this is because if it happens to fall into the pot you’re currently using to cook, you will be able to easily find it and know that the food being prepared has been contaminated.

Separate raw food from ready-to-eat food
It is crucial that you keep raw foods such as meat and fish away from other foods.  According to nidirect, raw foods may contain harmful bacteria which can spread very easily and quickly to anything they touch.  If bacteria comes into contact with food such as bread and fruit, the bacteria in the food will not be killed since you have no need to cook it before eating it.

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  1. That's really good advice, it's amazing how many people don't do the simplest of things such as washing hands !


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