Pimped Potato Salad - Get Spicy!

Potato salad doesn't have to be bland and boring, you can pretty much add whatever takes your fancy. Having been sent French's new Spicy Mustard to try (it's their classic yellow mustard with a hint of cayenne pepper) my pimped potato salad happened.
Now, I'm not a fan of mild cheese, I much prefer extra matured Cheddar, but Red Leicester has a place here as it adds colour which can only be a good thing. That said, cheese in my opinion is always a good thing so why not add it to potato salad!

Simple to make in just minutes and perfect outdoor eating; great for picnics or as a side for BBQ's.  Or indeed whenever you feel the need for potato salad!

There's little point in giving a proper recipe since there's no such thing as 'proper' just add as much or little of the following as it depends on how many you're serving and how greedy everyone is!

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You will need:
Cooked but cold new potatoes, halved or quartered depending on their size
Spring onions - thinly sliced
Chives - snipped with scissors
Cheddar and Red Leicester Cheese
Mayonnaise - I say it has to be Hellmann's
French's Classic Yellow Mustard - Spicy (with cayenne)

How to do it:
Put the potatoes into a bowl and add mayonnaise along with a squeeze of the mustard - don't worry it isn't really hot; have a taste first though.  Now add the potatoes, cheese, spring onions and chives and gently mix together.  Serve straight away.

You might like to try these other alternatives to the usual potato salad.
Creamy Pesto Potato Salad with Baby Corn by Jac's or Heart Attack Potato Salad by Kavey; only named heart attack she says because of the ratio of dressing to potatoes and the amount of fat in the dressing!


  1. Oh I do like the idea of cheese in a potato salad! And what a good way of using a ready made flavoured mustard, clever!

  2. I love potato salad, and it's been far too long since I've made it - what a gorgeous recipe! Love it! :)

  3. That sounds sooo delicious, all those flavours, it is really very pimped potato salad, love it! :)

  4. What a lovely twist on a classic potato salad, Jan, I love this!


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