Apple and Boozy Sultana Filo Pastry Pie

Apples with nice fat Rum soaked sultanas encased in crispy filo pastry is not only yummy but looks good and more to the point it's nice and easy to make too.

Now, British Pie week is about to be upon us (4th to 10th March) so whatever pie you like best, you must be making one!  From traditional Steak or Steak and Kidney, Chicken and Mushroom,  Chicken and Ham though to savoury pies such as the much loved by almost everyone, the Apple Pie.

Apple and Boozy Sultana Filo Pastry Pie

Readers of this blog will know by now I don't really do baking. Why? Because I can't do it - I have no patience for measuring flour and stuff. So for me, the easiest and 'cheats' option to buy ready made pastry. 

Filo pastry is marvelous stuff and makes everything so much easier - there's no need to fuss about trying to make it look good - just wrap your pie in filo and throw some extra sheets on top and the jobs a good'un!

Microplane® Elite in Action - Video Review

 Now this really is a must have gadget for any cook in the kitchen.
The Microplane Elite easily removes the zest from citrus fruit and makes grating hard cheese such as Parmesan a doddle.

The Stainless steel blade is razor sharp and non-clogging.  The safety guard doubles up to catch grated food and has an handy measure guide too.
Soft touch handle and non-slip rubber for stability.  The Microplane is dishwasher safe, but the guard must be hand washed.

Easy Chocolate and Banana Pancakes with OXO Good Grips

Pancakes, just about everyone loves them!  Sweet or savoury they can be whipped up in next to no time, especially if you have the right equipment.

Click here for my recipe for Perfect Pancake Batter then all you need to do is add melted chocolate, sliced banana and, if you fancy, a dollop of whipped cream.

Having been sent an OXO Good Grips Pancake Kit to try, I found all three items are brilliant for doing the job.

Mustard Sauces Chutneys Mayonnaise and More

There's nothing quite like nice Sunday Dinner of Roast Beef all the trimmings and of course, Horseradish Sauce.

So first up for the taste test was Hot Horseradish Sauce:
To be honest up till now I've never bothered to try any other brand as I quite like 'Tesco Finest' Horseradish Sauce.

Now I thought that was hot, which it is, but Le Range Mesurier Hot Horseradish Sauce is seriously hot and has a thicker consistency - just perfect.

Silicone Omelette Cooker - Video

In this post you will see some lovely exciting products from Yoko Design and a video review of the Yoko Design Omelette Cooker being used by myself for the very first time!
Having recently gone along to 'Spring Fair' at the NEC in Birmingham, of course there were more kitchen gadgets than you can shake a stick at!

First up to test - The Cooking Bag: 
Yoko Design are a French company that are keen to become just as well known here in the UK.  I must admit I hadn't heard heard them before but I loved their stand with it's bright colours, totally different and exciting range of products to most in the way of kitchenware. 


Pie Pops Book - Miniature Sweet and Savoury Treats

Pie Pops - easy to make miniature treats for all occasions.  This new title by Carol Hilker is packed full of all your favourite pies, but in miniature lollipop form! 

Sweet Pie Pops:
Covering sweet pies from deliciously sticky Butterscotch Pecan Pies and the light-as-a-cloud Coconut Cream Pies.  Fruit Pies includes all-time classics such as Cherry Pies or the traditional Blueberry Pie Pops. For the ultimate indulgence, bake a batch of Chocolate Pies.  Boston Cream Pie Pops or the luxurious Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pies or how about Sundae Alaska Pie Pops?
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