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Sponge Cake with Cream and Summer Berries

Well, me and this 'I Heart Cake Mould' are best friends.

A truly marvellous silicone cake mould that enables you to easily create six heart-shaped slices of cake.

Sponge Cake with Summer Berries

Now, the mould isn’t actually heart-shaped, but instead, it's made up of six heart shapes. Simply bake your favourite cake and all you have to do is divide the cake up equally and you'll have half a dozen cute heart slices!

The silicone I Heart Cake Mould is perfect for baking a cake at any time but would be fantastic for your loved one's birthday and especially Valentine's day.

You might already know that I'm not really a cake making kind of person, I simply am not very good with baking of any sort and so not too much baking happens in this house.

As you can imagine, Paul (the husband) was really pleased to know I'd been sent this fantastic silicone mould as he knew it meant I would have to make a cake.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to sponges, how about making some heart-shaped jellies?

As I've already mentioned I'm not good with any kind of baking, and the thought of making a cake in a silicone mould (having never used one before) was to me, frightening!

So I poured in the first lot of sponge mixture.

Silicone Heart shaped mould

Then into the oven it went and the sponge cake turned out of the mould so easily I was really. really pleased. It was now time now to make the second half of cake.

Once again I needn't have worried as the second sponge came out just as easily and with no broken edges to be found.

Heart shaped sponge cake

So by now, I was on a roll, of yes - Cakes R Me (haha) Well let's not get too excited.....Sponge with Summer Berry Fruits is sadly and most probably my limit, but you have to start somewhere I guess.

Sliced Sponge Cake with Summer Berries

But just wait till Valentine's Day and you never know I might have got better at cake making in this silicone heart mould.

Available from Find Me a Gift the I Heart Cake Silicone Cake Mould is made of food-safe non-stick silicone and measures approx 25 cm x 25 cm x 6 cm and is oven safe to 220c and Freezer safe to -40c and it's also Microwave and Dishwasher safe.

Many thanks to Emma at Find Me A Gift for sending me one to review.


  1. That looks a real treat, and light as a feather meaning you can have a very large slice!


  2. How wonderful, thanks for sharing


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