Quesadillas from Weight Watchers

These Quesadillas, a Weight Watchers recipe, work out at 9 ProPoints per serving. The recipe will make two servings.

The easy to follow Weight Watchers ProPoints plan means that being on a diet doesn't have to mean eating boring food.

Quesadillas from Weight Watchers

Although they're healthy to eat they are really tasty and you'd never think of these as diet food, just take a look at what's in them:

Weight Watchers ingredients for Quesadillas

All that's missing from the above picture are the tortilla wraps and a little grated cheese.

We love the fresh taste of Tomatoes, Red Onion, Cucumber and Avocado Pear.

The Weight Watchers recipe was really easy to follow and in just 15 minutes the quesadillas were on our plates and ready to eat!

How to do it:
No fancy equipment needed to make these, just a chopping board, sharp knife and a frying pan.

Make the salsa by chopping the avocado flesh along with the red onion, tomato, cucumber and some chopped coriander - you can use parsley if you wish.

Add a squeeze of lemon juice and season with a little salt and pepper.

Sprinkle half the salsa over one half of a tortilla wrap and cheese over the entire surface.

Cook in a frying pan over medium heat for a couple of minutes until the tortilla is golden underneath.

Fold the tortilla over the filling, slide onto a plate and serve - it's as simple as that!

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