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Dishwashers - More Hygienic than Washing up by Hand

Most people would agree that washing the dishes is nothing but a chore!  However, there are still an awful lot of homes without a dishwasher. 

What’s more Economical – The Dishwasher or Washing by Hand?
I must point out that I haven’t always had a dishwasher; I used to think that with just the two of us, there was little and no point in buying one.  However, after discovering Homebase dishwasher range, there’s no going back.  I’ve since realised you don’t have to have a huge family to justify having one.  All we do is start loading it in the morning and then keep adding to it throughout the day.  At the end of our evening meal we set it to start and when we get up in the morning the dishes are washed and dried without effort. 

A modern dishwasher uses between 6 and 9 litres of water to wash 12 place settings.  I have read that research has shown to wash up by hand can use as much as 49 litres.  So not only do you save on water but energy too. 

Are Dishwashers Hygienic?
The water used for washing up in a bowl just isn’t hot enough to kill bacteria, but amazingly it is just right to encourage bacteria to grow instead.  It is recommended that you use water above 60 degrees Celsius when washing dishes in order to clean them to a proper standard.  A dishwasher uses temperatures (particularly at final rinse stage) far higher than hands can stand in the sink.
The benefits of having a dishwasher don’t stop there.  Due to the high temperature of the water they use, your dishes aren’t just hygienically clean and shiny but those ‘whose turn is it to dry’ days are over! 
So after looking at Hotpoint dishwashers, the decision was made and now we both love our dishwasher and can’t imagine not having one.

Will a Dishwasher fit in my small Kitchen and still look good?
If you’re stuck for space you’ll still find a dishwasher to suit you.  These days they’re available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours to compliment every kitchen.  You’ll find everything from the tabletop, slim-line, or full size.  Or you can buy an integrated one so it’s hidden away and looks like part of the kitchen units – just like in the picture above. 

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