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Do you know that if you decide to sell food items from your home, or you want to sell food at a pop up event, you would be required to have a Food Hygiene Certificate? For anyone that regularly works with food it’s a useful qualification to have anyway. Or maybe you just want to make sure you are safeguarding the health of your family.
Screen shot of the Food Hygiene and Safety Course taken from High Speed Training website:

High Speed Training Courses

Having been given the opportunity to take a couple of courses from 
High Speed Training, this is how I got on: 

It has to be said, High Speed Training is in my opinion brilliant!

I've recently completed and passed two courses; Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety and Nutrition and Healthy Eating. I would never consider going out to a class to get these certificates as I simply don't have time.  I didn't find the courses boring at all, in fact both the courses were really interesting.  The nutrition one is quite long and I was worried I wouldn't pass as it's quite in depth, but no worries, I passed!

Are the courses easy to understand? 
Yes they are very easy to understand.  There's a list of the different course activities which you simply complete in order.  Each slide is read out to you in a nice clear voice and you press 'next' to continue in your own time without feeling rushed to take it all in.
You can stop the course at any point, anytime you fancy, go and get yourself a cuppa, then go back to it later on whenever it suits you - it remembers where you're up to. 
  Once you're done, it's time to take the quiz which tells you whether or not you've passed.  Your certificate is then posted out to you the next working day, but you can print a temporary certificate in the meantime if you wish.  
All in all:
High Speed Training is the ideal way to gain certificates in a wide range of subjects from Hygiene and Safety through to Financial Services and Business Skills.  Each course is reasonably priced and they are CPD certified and meet UK/EU requirements.

 More about Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering:
This course is aimed at food handlers working in catering or hospitality including hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, fast food outlets, takeaways, cafes, kitchens, hospitals, schools and colleges.

The course gives learners a basic awareness of good hygiene and safety issues and meets food industry regulations, with reference to employees preparing, cooking and handling food in catering settings.

More about Nutrition and Healthy Eating:
With so many people eating the wrong kind of foods, the Nutrition and Healthy Eating course is a great way to ensure you understand how to eat properly and maintain a healthy diet for all age ranges from infants to the elderly.

This course gives an overview of each of the essential components in a healthy diet and explains the different requirements of special diets, including the special diets of children, vegetarians and people in care homes

Many thanks to Ryan at High Speed Training for making these two courses available for me to review.

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