Silicone Omelette Cooker - Video

In this post you will see some lovely exciting products from Yoko Design and a video review of the Yoko Design Omelette Cooker being used by myself for the very first time. Having recently gone along to 'Spring Fair' at the NEC in Birmingham, of course there were more kitchen gadgets than you can shake a stick at!

First up to test - The Cooking Bag: 

Silicone Cooking Bag

Yoko Design are a French company that are keen to become just as well known here in the UK. I must admit I hadn't heard heard them before but I loved their stand with it's bright colours, totally different and exciting range of products to most in the way of kitchenware.

All three products I am about to show you are 100% Silicone, free of toxins, dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

The Cooking Bag cooks rice, pasta and vegetables in this cooking bag - great for cooking several things at once and no need to buy a colander!

Silicone Vegetable Cooking Bag in bright orange

Just pop into a saucepan and add water to cover the level of the top of the rice, peas or whatever. Once cooked, simply remove the bag and drain through with the holes - tip the food onto your plate and that's it!
Second up for review was the Pop Corn Maker:

Silicone Popcorn Maker for Microwave

Just add popping corn (75g) or, to make life easier it works out at a scant 1cm of corn. Okay I know this looks like not very much but trust me it's enough.

Pop the lid on and into the microwave without the use of oils, chemicals or additives and without the mess and fuss of having wash up a saucepan and lid. I found it needed 3 minutes (based on a 1000w microwave) making sure you give it a good shake halfway through so the corn 'pops' evenly.

And that's it - pop corn ready to serve straight from the Yoko Design popcorn maker!

Popcorn in a silicone microwave tub

And now for the Omelette Cooker:
This is fantastic for anyone (like my husband) that can not cook an omelette without it looking like a disaster. Simply whisk your eggs, add some of your favourite toppings (cheese, onions, etc..) and ready your omelette is ready in between 1.5minutes to 3 minutes (time will vary depending in microwave’s power)

Watch my video of it in action:

About Yoko Design:
YOKO Design was born in 2008, when two passionate chefs – who happen to be husband and wife – decided to combine their love of food with their eye for colour. Yoav and Sarah Achour saw no reason why the best kitchenware products should be reserved for professional chefs, and made it their mission to bring restaurant-quality products into the food lover’s home.

They quickly decided that their range of kitchenware would combine practicality with innovation, to bring about a fresh range of products that would be both high quality and affordable. This creative vision soon attracted the interest of respected designer Isis, who has brought her great sense of style and aestheticism to all of their ideas.
Distinctive colours and styles have come to epitomise the YOKO brand.

You can see a product and know straight away that it’s by YOKO Design. Among their innovative creations, look out for the Isotherm Box which keeps food piping hot for up to four hours, the Cooking Bag which takes all the fuss out of preparing rice and pasta, and their latest addition: the Microwave Popcorn Maker.

YOKO Design’s products have brought a breath of fresh air to the kitchenware market, with styles and colours never seen before in the home. At the heart of the brand is the promise never to compromise quality with price: the products are, and always will be, premium, affordable, and very, very stylish.

Thank you to Sergio for sending me these great products to try and all the very best to Yoko Design in the UK.

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  1. Just watched your "omelette" video. Nice! Ah... how I wish the products can be found here in Jakarta.


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