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Christmas Cooking Ideas and Recipes

With Christmas just a few weeks away, it's about time we all got a grip of what we're doing about the food!

Here are just a few ideas of nice things to serve before, with and after your Christmas dinner.

Starting with the Starter!

How about feta, Pistachios and Leaves Dressed in Honey and Balsamic? Now, that is so easy to make and can be put together in next to no time.

What size Turkey do you need?

Based on about 500g per person

6-8 people: 4kg turkey
8-10 people: 5kg turkey
10-12 people: 6kg turkey

Top Tip!

If you’re getting a big turkey check you have room in your oven, seriously.

The tray you’re thinking of cooking it in may not fit your oven - yes that happened to me last year so it’s worth checking that now!

I always aim to have enough leftover turkey for sandwiches later on in the evening.

If you have way too much left, you can always make a Leftover Turkey Curry on Boxing Day or even freeze some.

The British Turkey website has defrosting times, cooking times and how to carve your turkey so that’s worth having a look at.

I always like to have a nice bit of pork loin or gammon too. Last year I baked cured Pork Loin with Madeira and Honey Glaze.

Madeira and Honey Glazed Pork Loin

The Vegetables

Flavoured butter can be made in advance as they will keep for a couple of months in the freezer. I particularly like Jamie Oliver’s Flavoured Butter with Crispy Bacon, Chestnut and Sage.

Brussels sprouts with bacon chestnut and sage butter

Or you might fancy Jamie’s Thyme,Cumin and Orange Butter to add to carrots, now they are really nice!   Thyme, cumin and orange butter


Not everyone likes Christmas pudding, so if you fancy something different, what about a nice Dark Chocolate and Orange Cheesecake with Grand Marnier?

You might like my Tiny Toblerone Cheesecakes?

Or Toblerone Snowballs 

Served with a Liqueur Coffee perhaps?

I hope this post has given you a few ideas. Happy Christmas Everyone!

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  1. It all looks very tasty Jan. I'm doing the Simple Christmas from Piper's Farm, guaranteed to be on the table in about an hour. We have church in the morning so I won't have a lot of time. A beautiful Turkey breast stuffed and rolled, along with a stuffed and rolled thigh, some little bacon sausage rolls, gravy, roasties, sprouts, carrots and roasted parsnips. Then for dessert . . . my delicious baked apple brulee. Of course there will be mince pies and christmas cake for those who want them as well. Happy Christmas to you Jan! Here's to more delicousness in 2012! xxoo


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