Leftover Christmas Turkey Curry

Marco Pierre White has come up with a lovely mild curry recipe using up any leftover Turkey you might have this Christmas.  This exclusive new recipe by Marco won't be available on the Knorr website until December, but I can share it with you now! 

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of fruity curries, but this one was actually really very nice indeed and all the fruit in it has to be good for you!  It's really easy to make and of course you can use leftover chicken if you wish.
Print Marco's Recipe courtesy of Marco Pierre White for Knorr

I was very kindly sent a truly amazing Seasonal Box from Forman and Field courtesy of Knorr.  Containing not only a Free Range Kelly Bronze Turkey but loads more Fantastic Christmas food!

A BIG thank you to Knorr, Jen and Neil for the fantastic seasonal boxes I've been sent over the past months and the great day we spent with Marco Pierre White.  And of course to Forman and Field for supplying such great food. 


  1. Nice looking curry. I don't mind fruit in curry, but I suppose it depends on the fruit used.

  2. I'm sorry, you spent A DAY with Marco Pierre White?!! So jealous!


  3. The curry looks good, think there is always so much leftover at Christmas its a good way to use it up!

    The box sounds really good, its great that you are all set up for the festive period now! x


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