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Ice Cream Recipe - Strawberry and Clotted Cream

Okay I've been going on about my new ice cream maker that was kindly sent to me by the Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online.

Just take a look at this please! Strawberries and Clotted Cream ice cream!

Strawberry and Clotted Cream ice cream

The best ice cream ever!

Ice Cream Recipe - Strawberry and Clotted Cream

Possibly the BEST ice cream ever - this is good!


280g ripe strawberries
60g caster sugar
2 tablespoons of Balsamic vinegar - (get a good quality one)
225g clotted cream


Remove the hulls from the strawberries, put them into a food processor or blender and add the sugar and balsamic vinegar.   Blend until smooth.

Add the cream to the strawberry mixture and blend until smooth. Cover and pop into the fridge for about 30 minutes - or until well chilled.

Tip the mixture into the ice cream machine and freeze according to the instructions.

Transfer to a suitable container and freeze until required. 
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  1. Strawberry ice cream is one of my all time favourites. I could dive into your ice cream right now, it looks so creamy and lush!


  2. Jan that looks lovely and creamy!! Yummo! Well done!

  3. Strawberry ice cream is still one of my faves and your rendition takes me back to old time ice cream parlours!

  4. Ah, this looks beautiful. I always mean to make my own ice cream - but I never get round to it. I should give this a go - aside from my current crush on Waitrose's Raspberry Pavlova- strawberry ice cream is the best in the world!

  5. Woah ! I love ice-cream and I would definitely wanna try this :)

  6. Mmm Jan that looks amazing! I bet you'll never go back to tubbed ice cream again :D

  7. Beautiful ice cream Jan, the ice cream maker seems to be doing the business for you!

  8. Oh what a beauty and is so easy to be made :) I thinking of trying it will orange or lemon as I am not keen in strawberries

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  9. I agree with Adie that it is easy to made and looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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