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Domino's Pizza - Spanish Sizzler Review

Domino's have just launched a new pizza named 'Spanish Sizzler'. So last night, being lovers of a good pizza, we thought we'd give it a try.

Roast chicken, green peppers, chorizo and Roquito peppers on a tomato base and topped with Mozzarella cheese.

Dominos Pizza

The chicken was tender and nice and moist. The tomato sauce had a sweet, slightly BBQ flavour to it which was really nice.

There was a good amount of all the toppings including the chicken and chorizo.

If anyone is wondering if, at the mention of peppers and chillies, this pizza is going to be too spicy for them - it won't be because the green bell pepper used isn't hot and the Roquito chilli pepper is a sweet chilli pepper, not a hot one.

The pizza arrived at the time we had asked and was nice and hot too. Also, just as you would expect, it had been pre-cut into equally sized wedges - so no one gets diddled by being left with a smaller slice!

Domino's have Pizza Offers every week and all in all the Spanish Sizzler is a winner in our books.


  1. Looks great Jan! I have never had a take out pizza over here. Todd is not a pizza lover and so balks at the thought of spending good money on something he hates! Me, though, I wouldn't mind at all! I just ADORE pizza! That looks fantastic!

  2. Mmmmm two for Tuesdays? Hee hee! Looks delicious.

  3. We have Domino Pizza here in Jakarta but so far, I haven't given it a try because some of my friends told me that Pizza Hut tasted better and no as expensive as Domino Pizza. Anyway, I think I should give it a try someday :)

  4. I've never really liked chicken on a pizza but I must admit the pizza looks very tasty!

  5. Hi, thanks for posting your review of the New Spanish Sizzler! I just tried mine today and I loved it too...nice subtle spicyness, yes chicken is fresh and not dried out like other toppings, and I liked the chorizo for that added burst of yumminess! Hits the spot. The best part, my husband and I get half and half, so I get the Spanish Sizzler and he gets his own, and you don't have to feel too guilty if it's thin crust and using Delight Mozerella!

    BTW, thank you for also posting the calories and nutrition info...was actually searching for that and came to ur blog! Many thanks, pls keep it on ur website.


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