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Chicken en Croûte with Goats Cheese and Garlic

Chicken fillet with a topping of goats cheese and garlic with herb crumbs sat on a puff pastry bas; or maybe I should say 'nestled' in an attempt to try and tart it up a bit more?!

Chicken en Croûte with Goats Cheese and Garlic

Yes I say pastry 'base' as it started of as a nice square of pastry that was supposed to not be sealed, but each corner was meant at least meant to stay on top of the chicken - like an open en Croûte if you know what I mean.........oh well it tasted nice!

Yield: 2

Chicken en Croute with Goats Cheese and Garlic

Chicken fillet with a topping of goats cheese and garlic with herb crumbs on on a puff pastry base.


2 small skinless chicken breast fillets - or you can cut one in half
100g soft goats cheese
a squeeze or two of garlic puree
half a slice of bread whizzed up in a food processor to made into breadcrumbs
a small pinch of dried thyme
*500g of ready made puff pastry - you will only need 250g of this so freeze the rest for something else!
1 egg yolk - lightly beaten


Pre-heat you oven to 200c/400f or Gas 6 (it's very important to preheat your oven for this especially to fully cook the chicken before the pastry burns)

Heat up a dry frying pan and toast the breadcrumbs - keeping them moving all the time so they don't burn.  You just want them lightly coloured.  Stir in a small pinch of thyme.

Cut your pastry block in half and wrap one half in cling film, then in foil and freeze it for another day.

Cut the 250g into two halves and roll it out to make two squares.  Trim each square it to tidy them up.

Put the goats cheese in a small bowl and mix with a fork to make it more spreadable.  Stir in a small squeeze of garlic puree - mix and have a taste.  Add a little more, mixing and tasting as you go.  Remember garlic puree is quite strong so you don't want much. 

Now lay one piece of chicken in the middle of each pastry square and equally spread the cheese between the two. 

Top with a little of the thyme flavoured breadcrumbs.  Now attempt the bring each corner of the pastry to the middle and get it to stay there (if you can) I couldn't!  Remember you're not looking to seal the pastry so that's perhaps why it's a bit tricky.

If if doesn't want to stay all nice and pretty looking - don't fuss (unless of course you really need it to look good) it'll still taste the same!

Brush the pastry with the beaten egg yolk.  Pop the parcels onto a baking sheet and bake in your *pre-heated oven for 30 minutes, by which time the chicken should be cooked through.

Serve straight away with whatever you fancy.
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  1. It sounds delicious, i just love a rich pastry, cheesy meaty thing like this. It doesn't matter if the pastry is a base, a case or a lid, just as long as it is there, lol. YUM!!

  2. This looks so good, that pastry is so inviting. This is a keeper recipe, thanks so much.

  3. What a great idea! Crispy, cheesy, meaty..YUM!


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