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Chicken en Croûte with Goats Cheese and Garlic

Chicken fillet with a topping of goats cheese and garlic with herb crumbs sat on a puff pastry base. My atempt at Chicken en Croute!

Chicken en Croute

Yes, I say pastry 'base' as it started off as a nice square of pastry that was supposed to be sealed.

Each corner was meant at least meant to stay on top and cover the chicken - but mine was more like an open en Croûte (even though there isn't really such a thing) until now that is. Oh well, it tasted nice!


  1. It sounds delicious, i just love a rich pastry, cheesy meaty thing like this. It doesn't matter if the pastry is a base, a case or a lid, just as long as it is there, lol. YUM!!

  2. This looks so good, that pastry is so inviting. This is a keeper recipe, thanks so much.

  3. What a great idea! Crispy, cheesy, meaty..YUM!


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