Thyme Cumin and Orange Flavoured Butter

Here's another yummy butter from Jamie Oliver's 'Christmas with Jamie' DVD.  This one goes perfectly with carrots.  

If you fancy a chestnut and bacon butter for your Brussels then you'll find it here.  
All you need is:
Greaseproof paper - a large sheet say 16x12 inches
250g pack unsalted butter - at room temperature
a small bunch of fresh thyme
a pinch of cumin seeds
zest of 1 orange

How to do it:
Wash the thyme stalks in hot water for about 20 seconds.  When cool enough to handle, strip the leaves off all the stalks.

Put them into a bowl with your pack of butter, cumin seeds and orange zest.

Leave the butter to soften.  Once it has, mix the lot together thoroughly with a wooden spoon.  
You could of course put the lot into a food processor, but it's really easy to mix when the butter has softened.

Lay your sheet of greaseproof paper out on the worktop with the widest side  top and bottom.  You can run your hand under the cold tap and smear it over the paper if it won't behave and lay flat.  

Dry your hands and then put mixed the butter in the center and spread it out in an oblong.
Wrap and roll it up like a Christmas cracker - twisting the ends.

Pop it into the fridge to set.  When it has you can unroll it and slice into thick slices.  Roll it back up pop it into a freezer bag and you have flavoured butter long after Christmas!  It'll keep for a good few months, ready to do with what you fancy.


  1. Looks great Jan. I can just see this being a wonderful addition to my holiday meal! Sounds like a fabulous DVD!

  2. Mmm this flavoured butter looks delicious Jan.

  3. I do love flavoured butters, this one's a winner Jan.

  4. I am really liking the sound of all those flavours with carrots, mm!

    Last xmas I did the Jamie cranberry herb butter with our turkey, was a real hit!

  5. Oooh Jan, this looks delicious - I think it would go quite well melted over a big juicy steak aswell mmmmmmmmm!

  6. Lovely recipe Jan. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family. Tan!!!


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