National Curry Week with Cobra Beer - Celebrate with 2 for 1 Curry Deals

This week 21st to 27th of November is National Curry Week!  To celebrate this, Cobra Beer is working with curry houses across the UK to spice up the Nation’s favourite regional dishes.
Cobra Beers (made-for-curry beer) having teamed up with culinary talent and best-selling Indian cookery writer Pat Chapman.  Cobra conducted a survey which identified the nation’s top ten favourite regional foods.
Various ‘Br-Indian’ versions were then created of each of the nation’s ten favourite traditional dishes. While the humble Yorkshire pudding has been named Britain’s number one favourite regional dish, the results of the survey also includes the Cornish pasty, the Devonshire cream tea, the Bakewell tart, haggis and Welsh rarebit – all of which have been ‘curried’ in celebration
of Cobra National Curry Week 2010.
Ten new delicious recipes – including:
Devonshire cream chai, a spice-infused take on the teatime classic served with chilli jam.  Ha-ghee-s’, Traditional Haggis served with Curry Sauce 
and even ‘Pie, Madras and Liquor’!  An Eastern twist on the East end favourite will be sold in participating regional Indian restaurants across the country throughout Cobra National Curry Week 2010.
200 years on since the very first curry house opened in Britain in 1810.
But for those wanting to eat more traditional dishes, Cobra has also teamed up with 500 restaurants across Britain to offer a two for one promotion on main meals from Monday 21st November to Thursday 25th November with the purchase of Cobra Beer.
Just log onto or for details of your nearest participating curry house.  You can also find the recipes and details of the curry houses selling the special dishes during National Curry Week.

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