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Chicken and Halloumi Skewers

Chicken and Halloumi Skewers with Bacon. Plus how to light a BBQ. Yesterday we bought a new BBQ a little while ago but ever since (in true UK style) the weather has been cold.

Chicken and Halloumi Skewers
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Just for info. this post was written in May 2010

But last weekend we finally had summer, but everyone's now wondering if that was our summer!

Anyway, we had a few really nice hot days and at last, two days in a row out came our shiny new Weber BBQ. Chicken, bacon, halloumi cheese, red peppers and onion, plus one big skewer each, along with some other good food.

I have these metal skewers that must be a foot long and, well you might as well fill them up!

You can, of course, use wooden ones but be sure to soak them overnight in water or they will catch fire! There's no real recipe, just use as much of whatever you want. You might also like to make a nice layered salad, everyone loves this layered salad recipe.

How to Light a BBQ?

We use a Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter and it's brilliant. No more wondering if your BBQ is going to get going.

Never use lighter fuel, it's such horrid smelling and dangerous stuff. Seriously, who wants their food to smell like lighter fuel?!

The Chimney starter is so easy to use. Just stuff a little newspaper in the bottom, but better still a Weber Natural Lighter Cube.  Then add charcoal briquettes and light the cube. Now leave until the coals turn white. Now it's time to carefully empty the coals onto the BBQ.

Put the cooking rack on and you're all set to cook!

Sweetcorn parcels: Put the corn into foil parcels with a good knob of butter, salt and pepper and a few dried crushed chilli pepper flakes.

Tomato and peppers in foil trays: Thinly slice some red peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and chilli pepper (seeds removed and finely chopped).

Throw the lot into foil trays and drizzle with a little olive oil.

Let it cook for a while before adding two thinnish slabs of feta to each and sprinkle with dried Greek oregano, drizzle with a tiny bit more olive oil. Serve just when the feta begins to melt.

Food on the BBQ

BBQ Cooking Order

The sweetcorn will need to go on first. Then after 10 minutes put on the tomato and peppers without the feta and stir that about every now and then.

After about 15 minutes add the chicken skewers and start to cook. Add the feta to the tomato pepper dish. Move to the side whatever is getting too done.

While the skewers are cooking, serve the pepper and tomato dish with some nice crusty bread.

Just be sure to keep an eye on them and turn them so they don't burn.


  1. Fab new barbeque Jan! This looks like barby heaven to me! Fingers crossed for more good weather soon. Lucie x

  2. Forgot to say I have passed an award on to you. Lucie x

  3. I came here via Lucie's blog- it sounds great- anything with chicken, bacon, halloumi cheese, red peppers and onion gets my attention!, but I can't see your picture unfortunately! I can see the one below fine though. Not to worry x

  4. Fabulous looking Barbeque meal Jan!! I need to get Todd to replace our barbeque that we left in Brenchley. I am sure hoping that wasn't all the summer we are going to have! xxoo

  5. What a gorgeous BBQ'd meal!

  6. WoW!!! Jan...new look..and really good looking blog..hou..you already own domain..wow..wow..congratulation! Look so good Jan's, I love your big photos. Lovely BBQ as usual your style.;)

  7. A delicious way to start the summer season Jan. I am sure you will have many more days to come:D

  8. I can see that your charcoal grill is brand-spanking new, she's a beauty!

    The skewers look delish and Halloumi rules again!

  9. What a perfect summer meal, The corn looks especially delicious. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  10. That's it! I'm getting a new barbecue with all the trimmings! Cool barbie...What a wonderful way to start the summer. I can smell the aroma from here...

    We've been having nice weather here too but just in case it leaves as fast as it came, I better get one soon.

    Thanks for sharing, Jan...

  11. I really like the sound of adding halloumi to the skewer!

  12. Yay for bbq season Jan! Your photos look really good!


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