How to Make Individual Banoffee Pies

Now, I'm not a one for desserts, but every now and then I have a fit in my head and make one!
You can of course pipe the cream to make them look more fancy.

Individual Banoffee Pie

Not the most amazing picture but you get the idea!  

To make 4 individual you will need:
4x 9cm metal cooking rings
3 bananas - sliced
the juice of 1 lemon
150g McVities Hobnob biscuits - of course, you can use digestive if you want
75g unsalted butter - melted
jar of rich toffee and caramel sauce - from Marks and Spencer's (I think it's 390g)
250ml double cream - whipped
some nice plain chocolate - grated or shaved, to decorate

How to do it:
Put the lemon juice in a bowl along with the sliced bananas and give them a swirl about to coat, then set aside.  The lemon juice is vital or your bananas will go horrid and brown.
Either put the biscuits in a food processor and whiz till you have crumbs, or put them in a plastic bag and bash till they end up as crumbs!

Melt the butter in a small saucepan and throw in the biscuit crumbs.  using a wooden spoon stir to coat the biscuits.

Get a baking sheet and cover in greaseproof paper and put the metal rings on.
Using the back of a spoon, press the biscuit crumbs into each ring.

Now put them (still on the tray) into the fridge for a hour or longer if you want.  Just so they form a nice base for your pies.

When that's happened, put a layer of the toffee sauce - use the whole jar between the four metal rings and top the toffee sauce with the banana slices.

Bananas for Banoffee Pie

Whip the double cream - an electric whisk makes this much easier if you have one.

You can either cover the cream with cling film and put everything back into the fridge until you're ready to serve.  Or, you can carefully remove the rings from the banana topped biscuit base and top with the cream.

Banoffee Pie

Grate, or shave over some chocolate and serve immediately.
**If you have a cooks blowtorch, and I say you should have one, just run the flame around the metal rings for a second and the rings will lift off easily.


  1. My fave dessert - hubs doesn't like banana's so don't have it v often

  2. What sold me on these was the Hob Nobs in the crust...I just love them!!

  3. What a way to kick off a weekend!! Droolworthy to say the least!!

  4. Those look so good and I like that they are in individual serving sizes.

  5. Those look deliciously scrummy Jan!! I think I gained about ten pounds just looking. Your pictures are so much better with the new camera! Everything looks so gorgeously edible!! xxoo

  6. it is too bad you do not like dessert but you certainly know how to cook them !! Hello from Paris Pierre

  7. I love the individual servings but would share with you as well!

  8. Looking good as always Jan!!


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