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Moroccan Lamb Tagine Recipe

This lamb and apricot tagine recipe is just delicious; really tender lamb with a nice spiciness and the sweetness of apricots and golden sultanas.

Totally made up by me as I went along, I wrote everything down as I added it and I will be making this again as it really was delish!

Lamb and Apricot Tagine
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Moroccan Lamb Tagine 

If you have a Tagine then now is the time to use it. My Emile Henry Tagine is excellent as it can go on the stovetop and also in the oven. 

Ever since I bought it I've made quite a few tagine recipes although you don't have to have a tagine, you can instead use a lidded casserole.


You'll need a jar of Passata (skinned tomatoes) which have been passed through a sieve removing the seeds along with any lumps. You'll find it in any good supermarket near the tinned tomatoes.

Tinned Tomatoes

You need to use really good quality tinned tomatoes, I used a nice tin of Italian cherry tomatoes. If you use cheap tinned tomatoes your sauce with not be half as nice but instead will be watery.

I always use the Cirio brand (or Napolina) and again they are available in any good supermarkets, although it's really only Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose I've seen Cirio.

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  1. That is SUCH a beautiful tagine!

  2. Your tagine is gorgeous and I hope you display it prominently in your home...it's a converation piece.

    The tagine the meal is....Morrocanolicious!

  3. so that's the tagine you were talking about!

    Tasty stuff Jan!

  4. Looks delicious Jan, and I love your Tagine!!

  5. Great recipe! It looks so tasty. Bravissima!

  6. I love that tagine!! Will have to have a look for it.

  7. "Oh my, I want one of those! That Tagine looks absolutely delicious, Jan! And to think it's made with lamb. I'm always in need of comforting lamb dishes. I'm gonna have to check out one of those, soon!!!

    Thanks or sharing...

  8. I love tagine dishes, they look exotic to me all the time.

  9. Great minds think alike... I made a tagine on Valentine's Day - although in a plain old pot, not a snazzt tagine like yours!

  10. This looks fab, Jan. I love lamb, but it is not easy to get hold of in my remote outpost. I also love the tangine, but it looks too pretty to cook with.

  11. Great Tagine recipe and it looks delicious.


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