Roasted Chicken, Chorizo and Potatoes Jamie Oliver Recipe

Today I fancy making this Jamie Oliver recipe. He calls it 'Super Tasty Spanish Roast Chicken'.

I've made it a couple of times before and it is so nice and easy to make but more importantly it looks good and it is very tasty.  He's book mentions one beaten egg - but where?? why??
Bit of a printing error me thinks!

To serve 4 you will need:
1 kg Potatoes (says he) but do how ever many you want to - as long as they fit in the pan of course!
3 Lemons
1 x 2kg Chicken
A handful of fresh Flat-leaf Parsley
Sea salt and Black Pepper
Olive Oil
300g Chorizo Sausage
2 Cloves of Garlic

How to do it:
Preheat your oven to 220C/425F/Gas 7
Cut the potatoes onto 1 inch dice and put them into a pan of boiling water with 1 of the lemons - don't question just do it! and boil for 5 minutes.

Drain and prick the lemon all over with a knife.
Remove the parsley leaves from the stalks and put to one side. Keep the leaves for later.
Stuff the chicken with the parsley stalks and the hot lemon. Season the chicken and the potatoes with a little salt and freshly ground black pepper, slice the chorizo at an angle quarter of an inch thick (0.5cm)

Get yourself an appropriately sized oiled baking tray lay the potatoes in the centre, then place the chicken on top and sprinkle with the chorizo and a little (not all) of the parsley leaves. Drizzle with a little olive oil.

Take a large piece of greaseproof paper and lay it out on the work surface - wet your hand under the tap and smooth over the paper to wet it all over so it becomes flexible. Now shake it out and lay it over the top of the ingredients in the baking tray, tucking it snugly so the juices don't escape.
I'm sure you can use foil but when I've done this recipe I've paid attention to Jamie and used the paper!

Cook in the preheated oven for however long your chicken takes to cook through - which will depend on the size you bought and your oven. Probably 2 to 2 and a half hours. The book says 1 hour 20 mins - the chicken will NOT be cooked I say anyway.

While the chicken is cooking you can make a Gremolata by finely chopping the zest of the 2 remaining lemons the parsley leaves and the finely chopped garlic. Season lightly and and toss together to make a really fragrant seasoning type garnish.

When the chicken is cooked through remove just the chicken from the oven and put to one side to rest.

Shake the potatoes about and put them back in for a few minutes to crisp up.
Carve the chicken and divide between 4 plates with the potatoes.

The potatoes will have taken on a smoky paprika flavour from the chorizo, so if there is any juice in the tray, pour it over.

When you sprinkle the gremolata it will hit the hot juice and smell fantastic.
Serve straight away with a green salad.


  1. That sounds delicious Jan! Makes me wish I had a chicken in the fridge!!! By the way I love your little blackcat! Cute!

  2. I agree with Marie, it looks great.


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