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6 Reasons Why Your Water Might Taste Weird

People tend to say that water has no taste, however, that couldn't be more wrong. Just as food has a taste, water does too. 

Woman drinking water from a glass

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Moreover, the way your tap water tastes can be inconsistent, and sometimes it can be very weird and even unpleasant. 

But, that doesn't necessarily mean your water is contaminated, but it does mean that something is going on with your tap water. If you notice your water tasting different than usual, there are some common reasons why.

Increased Magnesium and Calcium

When your tap water has an increased amount of calcium and magnesium, it might start to taste slightly sweet. This does not mean that your water is contaminated. 

As written in an article behind this URL, this can occur from a variety of sources, including groundwater replenishment, corrosion inhibitors added to the public water treatment process, or even just general wear and tear on your plumbing. 

It's unlikely that this will cause any harm to you or your family if consumed. However, it might continue to taste weird for several days. To remedy this, you can install a water softener in your home if the problem persists.

Chlorine in Your Drinking Water

Increased concentration of chloride in your drinking water can be caused by a variety of reasons, which include disinfecting against bacteria and viruses but also from the deterioration of plumbing components such as water pipes and fixtures within your home. 

If you have high levels of chlorine in your drinking water it can sometimes even cause a stinging sensation when in contact with your skin or eyes, leaving a dry feeling in the throat and mouth along with a burning sensation after ingestion. 

A good way to tell if there is an abundance of chlorine in one's drinking water is by its distinctive odour.

Increased Sulfur in the Water

This can occur from groundwater sources, which tend to contain sulfates and hydrogen sulfide gases that cause a variety of issues for homes and businesses alike. 

When this happens you will typically notice a rotten egg or sewer-like odour in your drinking water, along with other associated health problems including respiratory irritation, burning sensations on your skin, or even nausea if ingested regularly. 

You should always call an expert if you suspect there are high levels of sulfur in your drinking water as this is not something that should be taken lightly either.

Algae Growth in Your Drinking Water Pipes

One of the most common reasons why your water might taste weird is from algae growth in your drinking water pipes. Although it may not be a huge deal, this can cause issues for you and your family if left untreated. 

This typically occurs when there are high levels of organic debris and nutrients within the soil, such as nitrogen-rich waste or septic systems that end up in groundwater sources that compel algae to grow excessively inside of homes' plumbing systems. 

Not only does this make your tap water taste weird but it is also unsightly and can even ruin clothing and other items in contact with the contaminated drinking water.

High Arsenic Levels in Your Water

High levels of arsenic are also sometimes found within the drinking water. Although this can be attributed to natural factors such as geological deposits, it's mainly caused by pesticides, fertilizers, and even mining activity which contaminate groundwater and aquifers with harmful chemicals and metals.

If this happens you will often notice a very bitter aftertaste along with other associated health risks if consumed over an extended period. 

If you have high levels of arsenic in your water, you should call an expert immediately so they can properly address your concerns for this is not something to neglect.

Bacteria in Your Water Supply

The last, but most certainly not least common reason why your drinking water might taste weird and off is because harmful bacteria are lurking within the supply. 

When this happens, you will often notice a musty odour, like rotten eggs or sulfur, along with other associated health problems such as digestive issues and diarrhoea if consumed over a long period by either ingestion or skin contact.

If you suspect that there may be an issue with bacteria in your drinking water supply, it's best to get your water tested ASAP by a professional to ensure that it doesn't get out of control.

A glass of water in a woman's hand

Image by engin akyurt on Unsplash

If you notice that there is a problem with the taste, smell, or even colour of your drinking water it's important to properly address this issue as soon as you can. 

Water damage restoration experts supply the best in drinking water quality testing to ensure that if there are any contaminants present, they will be found and treated accordingly to resolve the problem completely.

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