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Meat Box Delivery

How to Ensure you'll get High-Quality Products 

We are living in the Golden Age of Meats. If you are a meat-eater it is time to rejoice because the choice of high-quality meats available for delivery is absolutely astounding.

Meat and vegetables on a plate

Main photo by Mantra Media on Unsplash

The fact that you can sit at home, relaxing in front of a large screen television or playing cards with friends and family, order, without stress, certified, high-quality, humanely raised products from farms around the world.

The package will be delivered to your front door within hours of placing your order, isn’t this enough to make any carnivore do a happy dance, without shame.

Got a meat-lover friend? You now can even pick the right gift for them! The question is, how can you be sure the meat box delivery sitting at your front door is of the highest quality?

Do your Research

Start by choosing a reputable company that is committed to supplying customers with fresh meat that is fully traceable with a tag number, aged for three weeks to develop premium taste and texture before being butchered and make sure the product is untainted by chemicals.

In the internet era doing your research on social media sights and web search engines makes checking for secure shopping guarantees before purchasing.

Companies like meat box from Grutto explains how meat is processed and what to pay attention to when ordering.

Other good indicators of trust are the ratings and comments of the customers. This should be easily found on the producer’s web pages and social media.

Proper Packaging

A couple of degrees is all that separates high-quality meat products from becoming a rotten mess, so avoid spoiled steaks by making sure your meat box delivery service ships its products to you in sturdy, well-insulated packaging.

The packaging must keep heat and moisture out while keeping refrigerated temperatures, between thirty-two and sixty degrees, Fahrenheit.

Pathogenic bacteria can grow with no effect on taste, smell, or appearance if left out in temperatures between forty to one-hundred and forty degrees, Fahrenheit, for longer than two hours. So feel free to use a meat thermometer, if necessary, should you have any doubts about food poisoning.

Free Range Benefits

A short supply chain often ensures you will get a higher-quality product delivered to your front door, so consider buying direct from farmers who offer ethical, ecological, and affordable meat box delivery.

Cows in a field

Image by René Schindler from Pixabay

Purchasing from certified organic farms will guarantee that your delivery will not contain products sullied with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or antibiotics and that the premium livestock was provided with high levels of animal welfare including free-range living for all or part of their lives.

Free-range animals are known to be tastier and usually contain less fat than livestock raised in concentrated animal feed operations and intensive habitats.  

Knowing, where your meat comes from, is important if you wish to avoid the ugly truth that more than a fifth of meats sampled in 2017 from supermarkets, restaurants, and processing plants by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) contained unspecified animal DNA.

Look for meat box delivery services with the Red Tractor logo, found on products sourced from U.K. farms that have been checked from farm to pack to ensure food safety across the supply chain.

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