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Bubble and Squeak Recipe

Traditional Bubble and Squeak Recipe

Bubble and squeak is the perfect way to use up leftovers and for this recipe, I added some leftover gammon and a fried egg.

Bubble and squeak pictured with gammon and a fried egg.

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Add gammon and top the lot with a fried egg and you have a quick and easy dinner fit for a king!

What is Bubble and Squeak?

It's traditionally the leftovers from the Sunday roast fried up the next day and eaten for lunch or dinner, sometimes with a fried egg on top, and can include a little bacon or leftover meat from the day before.

It’s the bits of potato that catch in the pan that makes ‘bubble and squeak’, so let the mixture colour and it'll be even more delicious.

I've seen people ask how do you make bubble and squeak stick together? Well, the answer is it doesn't have to 'stick' together.

There's nothing fancy about bubble and squeak; it is just leftovers, fried up together.

No cooking skills are required, but if you really must pack it down and have it stick together use leftover mashed potatoes rather than boiled.

If you're looking for something a bit different you can make Posh Bubble and Squeak.

Why do they call it Bubble and Squeak?

It is so-called from it bubbling up and squeaking whilst cooking.

How to make Bubble and Squeak

Remove your leftovers from the fridge.

Vegetables for bubble and squeak in a bowl

Add a little vegetable oil into a frying pan and heat. Tip the potatoes, vegetables and gammon in and cook whilst stirring now and then.

Bubble and squeak with gammon cooking

Let it cook (more than in the above picture) until the potatoes just start to brown.

Bubble and squeak in a frying pan

Once it's piping hot serve immediately with a fried egg.

Bubble and squeak with gammon and fried egg

Bubble and Squeak Recipe

traditional, bubble and squeak recipe, leftover gammon, potatoes
main, leftovers, dinner
Yield: 2-6
Author: Jan Bennett
Traditional Bubble and Squeak Recipe

Traditional Bubble and Squeak Recipe

There's no point in me giving exact amounts - just use whatever you have leftover and it depends on how many people you are making it for.
Prep time: 2 MinCook time: 20 MinTotal time: 22 Min


Leftovers can be a mixture of any or all of the following
  • Boiled, mashed or roast potatoes
  • Cabbage greens, Brussels sprouts, peas, carrots, or broccoli
  • Leftover meat such as beef, gammon, turkey or chicken or bacon
  • If you didn't cook your potatoes in salted water you will need to season the mixture by adding a little salt to taste. You can also add a little white pepper.
  • *I used cabbage greens, Brussels sprouts and boiled potatoes. I then added gammon and topped the lot with a fried egg.
  • Personally, I wouldn't add cauliflower because I tried it once and it gives the dish a strange taste. I wouldn't add parsnips because they are too sweet; but of course, it's entirely up to you.


  1. Heat up a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a large frying pan.
  2. Add the meat and vegetables and leave to cook over a medium heat for a couple of minutes.
  3. Give it a stir and leave to cook for a further 10 - 15 minutes stirring now and then. Cook until it's piping hot.
  4. Serve with a fried egg.
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