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6 Lunch Ideas You Can Take to Work

While it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t agree that nothing can compare to home-made food, more and more working people buy their lunch. 

The list of excuses is pretty extensive but the lack of time to do the cooking is usually top other reasons.

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Main photo by Louis Hansel over at Unsplash

However, a wide range of specialists warns against such a way of nutrition because it is everything but healthy. 

6 Lunch Ideas You Can Take to Work

The other side of the story that buying your lunch day after day hurts your hip pocket – have you ever tried to do some math on paper in order to figure out how much money you spend on your lunches per year? 

Well, the amount you get can negatively surprise you but please, do not rush to (wrong) conclusions, simply skipping this important meal.

Luckily for you and everyone who wants to eat a healthy home-made lunch at work but just doesn’t know where to start, here are 6 incredibly delicious ideas that are quick to prepare and easy to pack. Enjoy!

Idea #1: Steak Sandwich

Sandwiches are wrongly considered unhealthy food but truth to be said, the great bulk of what you can buy as a sandwich is dull, sad, and, no doubts, stuffed with bad fats and sugar. 

Now, you have an opportunity to make a sandwich that is not only healthy but hearty and incredibly scrumptious. In fact, it’s like a full-fledged lunch at one of those fashionable restaurants but squeezed into a handy package. 

The main ingredient is a juicy beef steak, which takes no more than 10 minutes to be cooked on both sides on a barbecue or large char-grill pan. 

Now just add leaves of baby lettuce, a couple of thinly sliced vine-ripened tomatoes, some beetroot, and pack into half of the Turkish bread loaf. 

The original recipe from https://www.cleaversorganic.com/pages/aussie-steak-sandwich is called Aussie Steak Sandwich and contains pineapple rings, but you can easily skip it or replace it with something else. 

You can also decide on the amount of barbecue sauce to use for your sandwich.

Idea #2: Indian Salad Bowl

Roasted chickpeas are the heart of this recipe because they are tasty and provide your body with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and energy. 

When it comes to the green part of the salad, you have all the freedom to choose your favourite variety and add some sweet cherry tomatoes, a carrot, and a cucumber.

Sprouted chickpeas take only 3 minutes to be cooked and do not forget to spice them up with some curry powder. Coconut shreds are optional, but they will certainly make your salad look gorgeous.

Idea #3: Couscous with Tuna

We bet couscous is a regular guest at your home, therefore you know it’s incredibly easy to make.

Nowadays, everyone takes advantage of the instant version that is ready in just 5 minutes. 

There are a plethora of couscous variants, from the most unpretentious to the most exotic, so feel free to unleash your creativity. Anyway, couscous likes tomatoes, hence never omit them when testing your potential as a fusion chef. 

By the way, tuna is one of the ingredients that go well with this type of semolina.

Idea #4: Chicken with Veggies

Roasted chicken is arguably one of the best foods regardless of whether you are on a diet or not. While it can be combined with all conceivable and conceivable raw and cooked vegetables and even fruits, try to choose those that have better odds to stay fresh until lunch. 

If you have a small kitchen at the office, you can always bring from home whole cucumbers or bell peppers and slice them there.

Idea #5: Meatballs with Pasta 

Homemade meatballs can be a great option, especially if they are often on the menu at your house.

While they go just great with pasta, in case you do not have time to cook it in advance, replace it with fresh bread of your choice. Feel free to add some veggies as they are always welcome.

Man holding a burger

Photo by  Sander Dalhuisen over at Unsplash

Idea #6: Salmon Bowl with Black Beans

Salmon is one of the best foods in the world and yes, you can bring it to the office. Add black beans, tahini dressing if you like it, or again, go for vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, or whatever you want to eat today.  

As you can see, preparing lunch by yourself doesn’t necessarily have to be time-consuming or challenging. The best thing is you will eat a healthier and more delicious meal, and it will cost you far less than ready-made options.

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