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How to Get a Tourist Visa for Cuba

If you’re entering Cuba as a tourist, you will need to get a tourist visa card before you travel.

Arranging a visa doesn’t have to be a complicated process or a load of hassle; fortunately getting a Cuba visa with e-visa is really very easy. 

Green classic car in Havana

But if you’re still finding the process difficult or have a question you can always contact their customer support department.

After submitting an application via e-Visa they manually check all provided documents for any errors before forwarding it to a consulate or immigration service; which is great news as you can just get on with looking forward to and planning your Cuban holiday!

So, if you want clear information and explanations about all visa rules and procedures then they are well worth checking out.

Do remember wherever you’re travelling to, it’s always worth checking the government website for the latest travel advice.

Cuba is the Best!

Apart from the beautiful white sandy beaches of Varadero and especially the Cayo islands to the hustle and bustle of Havana, there’s something for everyone.

The people of Cuba are so friendly, always wanting to talk to you and most know a little English, especially the younger people as they are taught the basics in school.

Oh, and if you like classic cars, Cuba is just about the greatest place on the earth!

Seriously it’s like one big car show, where cars from the 1940s and 1950s motor along the streets and highways.

The cars you see are either in mint condition or seriously dilapidated, and very often held together with scrap parts and bits of metal.

I would suggest that you don’t hire a car because Cuban roads are not the best, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get about and see the sights.

Instead, we hired a driver (there are many of them around) just ask in your hotel and they’ll be happy to help you.

Pepe was his name and he was such an entertaining character, we laughed pretty much all day, and he was full of stories and singing, yes he really did sing to us while he was driving!

Laguna la Redonda in Cuba with red classic car

Anyway, he took us from Cayo Coco across to the mainland in his 1956 Chevy (the red and white car you can see in the picture above) we stopped for a break at Laguna la Redonda, where apparently is full of crocodiles - fantastic!

Top Tips when Travelling to Cuba!

Forget about hiring a car the roads are mental! If you hire a car to drive yourself you will not be able to take in all there is to see.

Pepe took us past farmer’s houses where it’s like you’ve gone back in time. They don’t have cars (not many Cubans do) as they simply can’t afford them. The farmers don’t have tractors either, instead, they use horses, and you wouldn’t see any of this if you were driving.

Apparently, you should keep your documents on you at all times when travelling around. But with that said we didn’t, but that was because we didn’t know!

We travelled from Cayo Coco across a road that crosses the sea and connects the islands to the mainland. There’s a police check and, they would normally have asked to see them.

But as we were travelling with a Cuban driver and they know him because he does the trip with customers regularly, we were okay.

But if you hire a car to drive yourself, you will need your passport and visa with you.

Remember by submitting your application online, you are not required to go to the Cuban embassy, so you save yourself a trip.

The online application also allows you to apply for a visa for someone else, if you get your visa through the embassy, you will pay a surcharge of £25 per person. You just need to fill out the Cuba visa form online.

Happy and safe travelling everyone!

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