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Finding the Full Potential of your Food Processor

Whether you are an entry-level or advanced cook, it is important to make sure that your appliances fulfil exactly the function that you bought them for.

With all the appliances out there, how do you make sure that the one you buy is the right one for the job?

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A food processor is a start and endpoint when you are looking for an appliance that will give you the best value for your money, in terms of both efficiency and budget.

What is a food processor and what does it do?

A food processor is built around a central container with rotating blades. These blades make certain tasks like slicing and chopping a lot easier and a lot quicker to do, and as an added bonus you end up with more or less evenly-sized pieces.

Is that all?

That's the beginning. Additionally, food processors can take care of a lot of cooking-related chores far more quickly than you can as a human.

With a food processor, you can blend, mix, mince, puree or grate ingredients quickly and easily.

What makes a food processor different from a blender?

While certain functions do correspond between the two appliances, there are very definite differences, with the food processor pulling ahead in terms of functionality.

You can use a food processor to make purees and smoothies, but you cannot chop vegetables using a blender.

Juicers vs food processors

Comparing these two appliances is like comparing a table to a fish. They are not in the same category at all. You can't chop with a juicer and you can't juice with a food processor, and there's no common ground.

What should I do once I have my food processor?

Anything you like! The functionality of a food-processor is more or less unlimited.

While it's not great for making drinks, I would greatly recommend using it for making soup or any other food that requires ingredients to be broken down and mixed up.

Start with easy dishes and expand your repertoire from there - you will be making chopped salads, grinding coffee beans, and even mixing dough before you know it!

Goodbye knife

If you have ever attempted to chop a large number of vegetables by hand, you will know that you can't possibly match up to the chopping capacity of a food processor.

In the famous words of a recent meme, when it comes to chopping up vegetables – "ain't nobody got time for that"!

A food processor not only chops and slices your ingredients perfectly and uniformly, but it also saves you time, it saves you from being exposed to open blades, and more than anything gives you the very best end result in a record amount of time.

It is normal to feel apprehensive about anything new. My advice to you would be to go out, get a food processor and start using it!

The sooner you can start experiencing the wonders of this magical appliance, the sooner you can start taking advantage of its range of functionality.

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