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Indian Chicken Curry

How to make Indian style Chicken Curry. It really is worth a bit of effort and having a go and making your own curry at home.

Indian-style Chicken Curry
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You'll find it's far nicer than from a takeaway or any Indian jar of cook-in sauce you can buy in a supermarket.

I can see why some might be put off making a curry from scratch but if you're reading this my guess is you already have half the ingredients in your store cupboard anyway.

Plan Ahead

Start preparing all the bits beforehand. For example, seeing as all the dried spices go in at once, you can have them measured out into a pinch pot or cup, then all you have to do it tip them in.

Now, this post was written way back in 2011 and it's now 2020 and so read on and I'll let you into a little secret I found out about making Indian curries since then.

Indian Five Spice or Panch Phoran

It's the secret to curry on the next level. Here's my recipe for Panch Phoran, it's so easy to make and it keeps in an air-tight container for ages.

Don't Rush the Cooking!

Good things come to those who wait! If you don't let the onions cook slowly they won't have the same taste and can even taste bitter.

Don't cook the chicken on high heat, all that will happen is it will become tough and horrid.

Top Tip!

If you want to go the extra mile instead of adding the black mustard seeds, as listed in the ingredients, leave those out and add 2 teaspoons of Panch Phoran (Indian five spice) instead.

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 How to Make Indian Chicken Curry


  1. I totally agree about making curry from scratch. Much tastier - and umtimately cheaper - than jars of sauces. I made a beautiful rogan josh last night and it was extremely satisfying getting those results from a few spices.

    Your curry looks gorgeous. 8am, and you've made my mouth water for ginger and garlic!

  2. This looks fabulous.. I need to get some good curry making practice in.. I would love to master the art one day!! :) xxx


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