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Red Wines You Should Try

Red Wines You Should Try In case You Change Your Wine Preference

Beginners or not, every taste of wine greatly matters to us. We make sure that every sip of your purchased wine satisfies your taste.

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Someone may introduce red wine if we are a newbie, or we've been drinking this for a number of years. Most wine fanatics adhere to a particular brand of red wine that they’ve been drinking for more than a decade.

But at some time, realizations and changes of taste are there along the way. We make decisions for some changes. We want to experience another taste. We want to know what the other side offers.

In doing so, we need to start with wines with good reviews; what people say about it and why you should taste this one. But, to end your hassle, instead of searching for some reviews, we've done the work for you.

Let's minimize everything here. All you need to do is to read and consider the following suggested wines below.

Cabernet Sauvignon

If you want to experience more tannins, this wine is what you are looking for. Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its high amount of tannins. Though tannins make your mouth feel dry, it is a good source of antioxidants.

The spice, dark cherries, and hints of vanilla are what make Cabernet wines' aroma perfect. This wine is usually aged in oak which causes the taste great.

The wine is much better when you drink it with food because of its green pepper and herbaceous quality.

Pinot Noir

Now is the time to make another adventure as you change your wine preference. Pinot Noir will help you to do that.

You will be surprised by its flavour and aroma. The elements work together so well that will truly satisfy your stomach as well as your money. The colour is light red and has the lightest body.

Cherries, cranberries, and raspberries create the perfect aroma of the wine. Unlike Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir has very low tannins which highlight its acidity.


If you want some smooth and velvety wine, Syrah is what you are looking for. Syrah is famous for its flavours of dark fruit, such as blueberries and plums. It is also blended with chocolate and tobacco.

Planning for a cheese party and you don't know yet what would be the wine for the celebration? Well, Syrah will do that part. Syrah will surely maximize the festivity.


When it comes to notable wine-producing countries in the world, Spain will never be left out. And, Grenache justifies why.

Grape varietal in Grenache wines requires a dry and hot climate. This grape varietal adds the rich and fruitful taste of Grenache.

If you want some wines with the level of alcohol content, you should grab one bottle of Grenache then. The wine is notable for its high level of alcohol soaring as high as 15%- enough to brighten up the celebration.


Some wines are not as pure as they you want them to be, but that is not the case in Sangiovese. Unlike other wines, Sangiovese is a pure Italian wine that delights your taste buds.

The flavour of this wine is based on where it is produced. Therefore, it represents the beauty of Italy. If Italy amazed you with their attractive destination spots, the same goes with Sangiovese wine.

The wine is considered to be something special as it is preserved through the old-fashioned method. This glorious bottle includes cherries, strawberries, spicy oregano, and dried rose which make it perfect for wine enthusiasts.


Among the entire red wine grape varietal, Malbec is considered to be difficult to grow in France. However, when it was brought to Argentina, the world realized how mind-blowing Malbec can be. Since then, Malbec wines created their name.

Nowadays, Malbec is said to be one of the greatest French wines ever produced. Tasting this high-quality wine tells you everything you need to know from its flavour, texture, and aroma.

The balanced tannin, velvety texture, and each tuft of aroma are just some of the reasons why you should grab one. Every wine merchant where you can shop red wine should highly consider this kind of drink.


For those who want a big shot, a shot for change or for a new experience, Barbera wines is a must-have. Barbera wines promise your taste buds to be forever grateful.

Tasting Barbera is like biting juicy and ripe watermelon that will build your entire mood. The whole flavour also comes with black cherries and berries.

If you want the taste of pure old wine, sip some Barbera wines and it will never bring you down. Bring yourself back to the classic age just by tasting some.


We only live once. Sometimes, we do all we can do as long as there is air to breathe in. But sometimes, we make some changes. Changing your preference for wine is a good deal for yourself. 

There is nothing to worry about change or adjustment as long as the other side can offer something great.

Red wines above, from Cabernet Sauvignon down to Barbera will always justify your decision of change. Hurry and grab some bottles!

Please drink responsibly.

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