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Space Saving Pop & Store by Addis - Review

I think Addis have made the Pop & Store range just for me!

Seriously, my kitchen is so tiny you wouldn't believe it. But then again with all the bits and bobs and gadgets we all love to have in the kitchen these days, storage space is a bit of a problem in most modern homes. So, with that in mind Addis have developed this range to help solve the issue of storing lunch boxes and food storage pots. No more cramming them into cupboards because they collapse 👍 

Addis Pop and Store Lunch Box

I know the storage boxes I had before these seriously used to do my head in. Because they weren't collapsible I had to try to store the bottoms inside each other (although they never fit snugly) so then I have no lid to match the bottom 😒

But the Addis Pop & Store have collapsible silicone sides which massively helps the storage problem and saves up to 60% of space - marvelous!

Addis Pop and Store
Cleaning is simple and although they are dishwasher safe I'd suggest just dunking into nice hot sudsy water, rinse, then dry well. By the way none of the Pop & Store range is suitable for microwave use.

Addis Pop and Store Containers

The Pop & Store range also includes a Collapsible Colander which is very useful. With prices starting at £3.79 for a 300ml Round Container; which I think that's very reasonable. To find out more pop over to Addis.

Twitter: @AddisHome
FaceBook: Addis Home

Disclosure: I was sent a range of Pop & Store products for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not required to write anything positive.

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