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Stellar Hob Top Espresso Maker - Review

If you like Espresso Coffee then chances are you'll love this rather stylish Hob Top Espresso Pot by Stellar Cookware. It makes a perfect cup, in fact it holds 400ml so 6 cups of Espresso plus it's easy to use too.

Hob Top Espresso Maker

The shiny polished stainless steel may well look lovely but I might tell you it took me an age to photograph without seeing me in it!

How does it work?
Once the water in the base chamber boils, it creates pressure which in turn forces water up through the coffee and creates the perfect cup in a matter of minutes.

Just fill the base with water to a level just below the valve.

Water Level in Coffee Maker

Then add fine ground Espresso coffee.

Coffee Level in Coffee Maker

Screw the jug part on and place onto the stove top over a medium heat.  After a few minutes you'll hear the coffee being transferred under pressure to the top jug.

Coffee Maker on Hob

Once it's finished you can enjoy your Espresso coffee and I should mention the phenolic handle stays cool so no need to worry about that.

Espresso Pot

By the way don't you just love these really cute Double Walled Glass Espresso Cups?  I'm thinking besides serving Espresso these would be brilliant to use to serve a rich creamy mousse type desserts so I'm going to get me two more of these!

Just a thought; but either the coffee pot or coffee cups would make a great Christmas present for any coffee lovers.

For more information on the Stellar SM56 Six cup Espresso Maker and the Judge JDG22 Espresso Coffee Cups can be purchased over at Harts of Stur.

Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was not required to write anything positive.

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  1. Oh wow I love the crisp modern steal design would look lovely on your counter top. Interesting to have an alternative to a big clunky coffee machine


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