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Landon Tyler Candles and Diffusers - Review

Okay let us talk about candles and diffusers - yes I know they aren't food or kitchen-related but I do get quite excited about scented candles and I absolutely love diffusers!

scented candles

Diffusers are perfect for small rooms; my downstairs loo and en-suite are never without one. I love the clean, fresh scents and 'Winter Woods' from Landon Tyler is just that.

These would make the perfect girly gift if you're wondering what to get your Nan, mum, sister, aunt or me 😊 Landon Tyler is a brand of home fragrances - candles, diffusers and gifts.

They've been creating home scent products for some of the leading names on the high street for decades and now their products are available in branches of Clintons and selected gardens centres and now Boots across the UK.

With 12 scents to choose from there's bound to be more than one that takes your fancy; I quite like the sound of 'Scent of Christmas' so I'm off to the shops to search that one out.

Having tried the candle and diffuser I have to say I really am impressed; beautifully packaged and look more expensive than they actually are with prices ranging, at the time of writing, between £8.00 and £12.00

Now, that's cheaper than I've been paying in a well known high street fashion clothing and home store.

The diffuser scent is nice and strong-smelling and the candle smells amazing even though I hadn't actually lit it at the time of taking this picture; I really didn't want to light it as it's so nice!

Later on, I did move it into our living room and once lit - yes I thought I better had for the purpose of this review and the whole of our downstairs smelt fresh and clean but without being too overpowering.

So would I buy these myself? Definitely without a doubt.

Available as diffusers, single filled candles, votive candles, and gift sets. Below is the Wild Berry Collection.

Scented candles

Check out Landon Tyler for more information and to find your nearest stockist.

Disclosure: I was sent the candle and diffuser to review. All thoughts and opinions are my one. I was not required to write anything positive.


  1. Nice! My favourite fragrance for a diffuser is sweet vanilla, it gives a warmth to the whole room. I have yet to find a replacement for the one I brought over with me from Argentina 3 years ago! :)

  2. We don't do candles or diffusers in our house as my wife is worried about them setting off her hayfever and/or asthma. Do you know if these would?

  3. Hi William
    I really don't know the answer to this - there's nothing on the packaging that mentions hayfever or asthma. I'm sorry I'm not much help!
    You could perhaps phone them (the number for them on their website is 0207 7245222)

  4. They sound wonderful and some nice scents to try

  5. Lots of lovely scents here. Having tried these kind of diffusers recently, I think they are better in a larger room where the scent is subtler. I put ours in our bathroom and kept sneezing when in there!

  6. Ive bought a landon tyler candle as they smell lovely, but i was very disapointed when it was burning as i really couldnt smell much at all.

  7. Hi TheFen2009 - I think it depends on the size of the room perhaps.


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