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Collapsible Storage Containers - Review

What a marvellous invention these Flat Stacks are. Silicone, Space Saving, Collapsible Storage!

Flat Stacks
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Because they're collapsible means they take up less space when not in use and can stack inside each other giving you double the space in your kitchen.

Flat Stacks Collapsible Storage Containers - Review

If you're anything like me, I have waaaay too many plastic storage tubs. 😏

I have very little space in my kitchen cupboards so I tend to stack the tubs inside each other (where possible) because I have all manner of shapes and sizes; as for the lids, well they just seem to disappear into thin air.

Flat Stacks Kitchen Storage Containers

So I was really pleased when asked if I'd like to review some Flat Stacks.

I'm loving the bright colours and the best thing is they collapse saving 60% of their space. Perfect as a lunch box, keeping your salad or sandwiches nice and fresh.

Kitchen Storage

Microwave Safe, BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe (please see update below) on dishwashers, Freezer Safe, Colour Coded and Airtight.

Not only that, but they do not leak - check out my picture, I've tested them.

Update on Flat Stacks Storage Containers!

Please note, although they say they are suitable for the dishwasher please don't as I've since discovered that after a few times, the lids don't close, well they do but it takes some doing.

Flat Stacks Storage Containers

Disclosure: I was sent some Flat Stacks to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not required to write anything positive.


  1. these look just the job for me Nice and compact.

  2. Looks like a great idea, stacking the tupperware is my least favourite kitchen chore!!

  3. Do not buy these- garbage
    The kids do not snap shut
    Total waste of money

    1. Hi Jennen. Garbage is certainly not the word I would use. BUT I have updated my post as I have one size that I use more than the rest and I have been putting it in the dishwasher only to find that the lid is hard to close. So although they say they are dishwasher proof I recommend hand washing only. The others are still fine a year and a half later (March 2018)

  4. I agree withJennen Family Farm Market overpriced garbage. Lids are so difficult to close, I haven't used them at all.

    1. Hi, I can only speak as I found them.
      Like I said the one I put in the dishwasher did not close. I believe they have changed manufactors since I was sent mine which was back in July 2016. Can you send them back to wherever you bought them or indeed complain to the company?

  5. Very disappointed. The lids buckled in the dishwasher. Can't re-heat anything that has any kind of fat in it, the lids pitted. Very hard to close but easy to collapse causing food to spill everywhere.
    The bases split in half.
    They promised so much but delivered zero.
    I'll stick to my Tupperware.


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