Cherry Ice Cream Sundae - Served in a Margarita Glass

Hands up who likes Ice cream?
Hands up who likes Cherries?  Okay, I bet that's pretty much everyone!

Cherry and Vanilla Ice cream served with fresh Cherries surely has to be the best.  Of course if you then add pieces of crumbled Meringue and a good dollop of whipped Cream, top the lot with Cherry Sauce you end up with something really quite special.

Presentation of your ice cream sundae doesn't really matter since it will still taste the same whatever you serve it in.  But of course it's no secret that we eat with our eyes so to speak, therefore these gorgeous Margarita Glasses from House of Fraser really do turn a simple looking dessert into a beautiful thing.

Margarita Glasses

Ready to dive in?

Anyway, back to the Margarita glasses!

House of Fraser

Sold in a box of 4 and they're in the House of Fraser sale; at the moment they're HALF PRICE at just £17.50 which in my opinion is a right billy bargain.

Margarita glasses are of course perfect for serving Margaritas; not only are they absolutely gorgeous to look but are perfect of other cocktails too; and of course making a simple dessert look extra special.

These glasses dishwasher safe but hand washing is recommended; personally I wont be putting them in my dishwasher since it takes little effort to get them sparkling clean after use.  They're a nice size too which means you get a good sized Cocktail or a decent size dessert; no short measures!

Product code:  215025198 (set of four)
These Margarita glasses and other lovely Glassware are available from House of Fraser stores and online.
Diameter  11.1 cm
Height  17.2 cm
Volume  340 ml

On the side of the box there are two recipes, one for Classic Margarita Cocktail and the other for the well known Eton Mess dessert.

Disclosure:  Many thanks to House of Fraser for sending me these glasses to review.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was not required to write anything positive.

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