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Boozy Tiramisu Recipe

Coffee comes in many different varieties ranging from weak to strong in taste such as espresso. I say espresso is for proper die-hard coffee lovers since it is very strong, personally, as a drink, it’s too strong for my liking.


But with that said there are many recipes in which espresso can be used and nothing but espresso will do. 

Have you ever tried making your own coffee ice cream or granita?  Coffee granita (a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar and coffee) is another favourite of mine as it is so cooling and really refreshing on a hot day.

Then there's Tiramisu; I really like the bitter-sweet taste of the coffee-soaked sponge topped with sweetened Mascarpone.

By the way, there's no cooking involved, it's pretty much effortless to make and can also be made in advance making it the perfect dinner party dessert.

Tiramisu needs to be made with strong coffee and so espresso is perfect. Of course, like most people that are into coffee, we have a coffee machine to get the perfect espresso.

Paul (the husband) is a true coffee lover but the pods are so expensive it kinda gets out of hand keeping up with the cost!

My Tiramisu recipe is based on one by Nigella Lawson because I particularly like that she adds Marsala which gives a nice sweetness to the Mascarpone.  Honey is also added but I've found half a teaspoon of vanilla extract also works well and of course, isn't as sweet.

Easy Tiramisu Recipe 

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