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Automatic Egg Cooker Review - Judge Cookware

This rather cute Automatic 7 Hole Egg Cooker from Judge Cookware allows you to cook any amount from 1 to 7 eggs at the same time.  It's energy efficient, really easy to use and works by automatically adjusting cooking time according to the quantity of water used; simple but clever ah?  I think so.

There's a small jug that has clear and easy to understand measurements marked on the outside.  All you so is decide how many eggs you wan to cook and how you would like them cooked; Soft, Medium or Hard and fill the water level that corresponds with your choice.

Once your eggs are cooked there's a loud beep and it automatic switches to off and stops cooking.  It's also really small and compact which is great as it's easy to store when not in use.

Of course I know you don't have to buy an Egg Cooker to cook eggs, but unlike boiling them in a saucepan on the stove top this egg cooker allows you to get on with important things like making a cuppa.
You don't have to set a timer or fuss about the saucepan boiling dry if you're like me and forget things.  Another great thing is the egg or eggs will be cooked to your liking - marvelous.

The 'Soft' option results in an egg that's great for toast (a bit like a poached egg with a nice runny yolk) so you could be getting on with the toast while your egg cooks to perfection.  If you want to see what I mean by a Soft egg then check out my Twitter picture.

One thing is when cooked the egg shell is hot, really hot!  But all you do is carefully remove the eggs whilst they're still on the steamer rack, run under cold water just for a few seconds so you're able to peel off the shell.  The eggs are still plenty hot enough to enjoy.  If you want eggs for making sandwiches you would want them stone cold before removing the shell, so just run them under cold water for longer.  Eggs are best at room temperature so the timings work; I never keep eggs in the fridge anyway. 

Perfectly cooked Medium Done Eggs; as a guide 'Medium' eggs take 10 minutes.

Egg Cooker

To use as a Mini Steamer
The egg cooker easily converts to steam vegetables by adding the steaming tray.  Ideal for one person and it works really well. I tried asparagus and carrots and they took 10 minutes to be perfectly cooked through.

egg cooker

Nice and hot, lovely and tender in 10 minutes.

steaming vegetables

Easy to clean:
It's a doddle to clean, just nice hot sudsy water and a rinse and dry; of course not the actual base part with the electrics in!  The metal plate will go dull after a few uses but a splash of vinegar then wiped off with kitchen paper then repeat with water to clean, does the trick nicely and it comes up shiny like a new pin again.

The Judge 7 Hole Automatic Egg Cooker comes with the Judge 2 Year Electrical Guarantee.  Model number JEA73

All in all I say this is a great little kitchen gadget perfect for a single or elderly person or a family all wanting eggs at the same time!  It does a great job and is a good price too with an average selling price of £17.13

Pop over to Judge Cookware to check your nearest stockist.
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Disclosure:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  As always I was not required to write anything positive.

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