Codlo Space Saver Sous Vide - Perfect Poached Egg

Sous vide cooking is a fantastic, foolproof method of cooking and it has to be said although I love my Sous Vide Supreme machine which currently sells for £310 it is a bit on the expensive side. Also it's quite big and takes up space in the kitchen.

If you've always fancied sous vide cooking but can't afford a traditional sous vide machine or don't have the space then do read on as Codlo maybe the answer.

Codlo is a controller that transforms non digital rice/slow cookers into an instant sous vide machine when filled with water. It works by allowing the appliance to switch on and off and is controlled by a small temperature probe to keep the water bath to a set temperature. Codlo is space saving and far cheaper to buy than a traditional sous vide and currently available at just £119 

Having been sent the Codlo to try here's how I got on:
I know from experience that eggs are one of the hardest things to cook perfectly using the sous vide method. So, I set myself a mission which was to put the Codlo to the test by cooking the perfect poached egg!

You will need a rice cooker or slow cooker in order to use Codlo.  Plug Codlo into the power socket, plug your rice or slow cooker into Codlo and fill the slow cooker with water. Put the temperature probe from Codlo into the water and set the desired temperature.

You can also set the end time if you wish but most things (other than eggs) cooked by the sous vide method will stay cooked and won't cook any further which means food can't really over cook food.  Poached eggs however do need a set time otherwise they will become hard and not poached.

Food must only go into the water once it has reached the target temperature set in order for timing to work. Eggs do not need to be placed into bags for cooking, just add them straight to the water bath.

You will need to select the high setting on your slow cooker a low will take to long to heat the water.  

Codlo instructions say the temperature needs to be set to 63c and that eggs need to cook for 1 hour.  Just in case, I cooked 3 eggs at the same time so that I could test one at a later time if needed, but 1 hour worked out perfectly.  

It is best to use the freshest eggs possible for cooking sous vide and since we have hens the eggs I used were just one day old.  I love the yolk of a sous vide cooked egg, it's silky and soft but doesn't run all over the plate.  

More than just eggs:
Of course the sous vide method of cooking isn't just about eggs; steak, chicken, burgers, vegetables and more can all be cooked sous vide. Just look how carrots keep their colour.  

Ideally you will need a vacuum sealer to seal bags but if you don't have one you can use the water displacement method.

To seal a bag for sous vide cooking simply use the water displacement method, submerge the bag under water and as you do the pressure will force the air out of the bag. Be sure to buy zip-lock bags for this and hang over the edge using the lid of the slow or rice cooker to stop them slipping into the water.

All in all I say Codlo is a great product, small, easy to store when not in use and is the answer to both money saving and space saving sous vide cooking but for me a little bit too much faff; I prefer my Sous Vide Supreme.   

I was sent the Codlo for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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