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Making Jam in a Panasonic Bread Maker

Having recently reviewed the Panasonic SD-ZB2502 Bread Maker at the time of writing I hadn't tried making jam so as promised I gave it a go.
Now, how marvelous it would be, but would it actually work?  Well folks I can tell you it certainly does.  No messing about with thermometers - just put the fruit in the bread pan along with jam sugar (sugar with pectin added) and Robert's your father's brother!

The supplied recipe book says to use sugar and powdered pectin.  Now could I actually find powdered pectin in Asda or Tesco, errr no.  But that said I'm sure if I hunted about a bit in the right shop I'd find it.  But I wanted to make jam now.  So not to be put off I fancied that if I used jam sugar (Tate & Lyle) it would be the same difference, after-all it's just sugar with the right amount of pectin already added.

So, to make jam in the Panasonic bread maker (please note not all models have a menu for making jam) simply layer fruit and jam sugar in the bread pan.

 Select the correct menu, press START and sit back while jam happens.

So with the jam making a success it was onto making a Spicy Fruit Loaf.  Once again, faultless - I love this machine!

Nice and spicy and while cooking the kitchen smelt amazing.  Am I impressed with this bread maker - it's a big fat YES from me.   

Disclosure:  I was sent this Panasonic Bread Maker for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not meant to influence readers buying choice.  I was not required to write a positive review.


  1. This looks so easy Jan, the possibilities are endless aren't they? I wonder if it would work for chutney? I love making it so much but the giant pans to clean afterwards always put me off a bit!

  2. You jam looks lovely. I bet you could even just use lemon juice and not bother with the jam sugar/pectin might be worth experimenting:-) I have a quick 1 punnet Strawberry Jam post on blog made like that:-)Really want a slice of that bread now too!

  3. I've got one of their earlier models and I love it too. I never tried making jam in it though; I tried once in a different model and the jam was so very hard, nearly unspreadable, so I never tried again. Yours looks lovely though!

  4. Jam in a bread maker? Seriously!? Now that's a new one on me! But if it does away with the faff then I am all for it :)

  5. I've just got the same bread machine and am looking forward to trying it out! My last machine was okay but the loaves were a bit dense and doughy. I gave up and made loaves by hand (well, with the help of my Bosch kitchen machine) but ultimately I miss being able to just throw in the ingredients!

    I'm trying tear and share bread this evening as I'm having some spaghetti and meatballs - the picture you've posted has made me even more keen! Definitely going to use some sundried tomatoes and parmesan and maybe some Italian herbs and mozzarella. The things you've made look great - definitely confident I made the right choice and the jam function is a bonus!

  6. Hi Shortbread Stacy - defo the right choice this is my second Panasonic bread maker and I love it!


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