Meat Box Delivery from Heartier - Review

There's nothing quite like a good sized English Breakfast to keep you full pretty much all day long.
Of course good quality ingredients are essential.  Proper bacon (smoked back bacon is the only way to go in my opinion) and nicely seasoned meaty sausages  - both have to be just right.

Okay that's the meat sorted so now for the mushrooms, I love these baby portobello mushrooms.  A nice big tomato is essential, baked beans are good too and any leftover cooked potatoes are perfect - just fry them till they start to brown along with the rest of the breakfast.  Another essential is a lovely golden yolked fried egg or two.  Pop some fresh crusty buttered bread on the side of the plate and you're done.

Having recently been sent a rather nice box of meat from Market Porter (since writing they are now known as Heartier), a full English breakfast just had to happen.
Heariter is an online artisan butcher, sourcing and delivering high quality fresh meat to your door. We source from the same producers as top London restaurants, guaranteeing you that gourmet experience every time you dine.

About the Meat Box - Ordering.  
The Meat Porter website is brilliantly designed and easy to use and placing an order is really simple.  You can choose from 'Build My Own' or 'Surprise Me' boxes. 
 I love the way you can just drag your chosen products into a 'meat box' and see the total adding up underneath.

You can see a space to add any discount codes you may have:

Order by 3pm Monday to Friday and your box will arrive the following day and at the time of writing there is FREE nationwide delivery on all orders.  Please note, for a short period Saturday delivery is also free but will usually be £7.95
Of course you don't have to have next day delivery you can choose a day to suit you with the exception of Sunday and Monday.  Weekday deliveries will arrive by 4pm.  My box arrived at 3.15pm on my chosen delivery day.  Everything was very well packaged in a special box with ice packs designed to keep everything cold, and they did.

 Environmentally Friendly:
The box is fully recyclable; as is the paper shred and the waxed paper.  The ice packs that keep your meat cold can be refrozen and used again and again.  It is quite normal that the ice pack will not have remained frozen when your meat arrives but the special box and packaging keeps the meat cold.
 Where does the Meat come from ? Text taken from the Meat Porter website.

 At Heartier, we source the best meat for your kitchen at home.  Our key motivator is sourcing top restaurant-quality cuts and delivering to your front door.

We source our meat from a number of third and fourth generation specialists based in Smithfield, London – Smithfield is Europe’s biggest meat and poultry market.
We source from the same producers as many of London’s top restaurants, hotels and steakhouses, including some with coveted Michelin stars.
All of our meat meets UK and EU welfare standards and traceability is available back to the farm.
The lion's share of our meat is British – occasionally we source abroad if seasonality, taste or quality dictates.

What was in my Meat Box?

 8 Luxury Cumberland Pork Sausages, 2 Steak Burgers, 2 packs of Thick Cut Smoked Back Bacon,
2 Rump Steaks (28-day matured) and 2 Thick Cut Pork Steaks
Can the Meat be Frozen?
Yes it can, if you don't want to use the all your meat by the use-by date shown on each products you can freeze it.  I had to freeze some of mine since with working I just haven't had time to cook it all.  In any case, that steak looks delicious and I say a Saturday night is the perfect time.  No rushing about during the day so I can take my time and do it justice.

All in All:
I thought the meat box was excellent quality and truly faultless and I think the prices are very reasonable too.  The sausages are seriously good and during cooking there wasn't hardly any fat to be seen in the pan (as there can be with some sausages) they tasted really good too and were nicely seasoned.  Yes I would certainly buy them again.
The bacon is thick cut without being too thick and it cooked really well although there was a little water that came out in the pan during cooking.  The website says this is rindless bacon but both packs happened to have the rind on.  In my opinion that's nothing to fuss about since it took just a second or two to remove before cooking and yes I would also buy this bacon again.  
At some point this week I'll cook the rump steak and pork which although they'd be great to throw on a BBQ I think they are far too good and proper cooking on a grill-pan is the way to go for me.
I can't wait to try it as I do love a good steak!  I'll be back soon with another post on that.

I highly recommend Heartier to anyone looking for excellent quality meat at good prices with easy ordering and a fast delivery service. 

Many thanks to Stefan at Heartier for sending me a box to review.

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever write a review on products I would buy myself.


  1. Great review, Jan. It looks like an excellent box of meat!

  2. Yum! Unfortunately such things can't be delivered to my area, but if they could I would certainly buy it!

  3. What a lovely selection of meat. I've been having veg boxes for a while but haven't tried a meat box yet.


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