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Aldi - Nice Wine at a Good Price

Now it has to be said I do like a nice glass of wine!

If you're looking for a proper wine review with all the fancy wording as to whether or not a particular wine has hints of damson, chocolatey undertones and all that, then you've landed in the wrong place.

I really don't know very much at all about wine at all. Apart from it either tastes good or it doesn't (to me) is about the limit of my knowledge. But if you're just looking to discover some good wines at good prices then please read on.


Recently I was sent four bottles of wine from Aldi to try. I'll be honest as always, I'd never looked at the wines in ALDI, mainly because I tend to stick to the same couple which are Hardys Stamp of Australia or Banrock Station Shiraz Mataro - another Australian wine.

Although I do like wines from Chile and South Africa too.

So now you know, I'm only speaking about how I personally found the wines and my opinion is most definitely not one of any real knowledge of wine whatsoever.

Wine Tasting

First out of the box had to be the South Eastern Australia Shiraz. Priced at £5.99 a bottle, I would liken it to my usual Hardy Stamps Shiraz. This wine was excellent and good value for money too and I would buy this without hesitation.

Sadly though, it does say on the Aldi website that it's only available in selected stores. Come on Aldi get it stocked in every store! I really, really like this wine.

The Exquisite Collection South Eastern Australian Shiraz

I'm not much of a white wine drinker but this wine was actually the nicest tasting white wine I've had in ages.

Really good value too at £4.99 a bottle and if you like white wine then I'd say you can't go wrong with this one. A French wine that has a nice fruity flavour and as Aldi recommends, it goes well with goats cheese or fish.

The Exquisite Collection Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc

Estevez Cabernet Carmenere

Priced at £4.99 a bottle, this wine from Chile, in my opinion, wasn't quite as nice as some Chilean wines I've had in the past.

With that said, it was indeed still very drinkable although not as full-bodied as the South Eastern Australian Shiraz I mentioned above in this post.

Grapevine Merlot

Now this wine was (given its price of just £3.29 a bottle) surprisingly really very good.

A great choice and I never usually like Spanish wine but this tasted actually a bit like my usual Banrock Station Shiraz Mataro.

I'd most definitely but this again and I'm shocked that it was the cheapest wine of the four that were sent to me.

A proper billy bargain and a good wine!

Please Drink Responsibly.

Disclouser.I was sent four bottles of wine for the purpose of this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own. I was not required to write anything positive.


  1. I am increasingly impressed with the budget supermarkets, who seem to have really upped their game across the board.

  2. I wish they'd open an Aldi somewhere easy for me to get to - the Tottenham one (assuming it's been rebuilt) is a bit of a trek in traffic for me but my dad swears by the place.

  3. Booo I;m off the wine for the moment for obvious reasons, but will bookmark for future reference! Aldi seem to have a growing selection of good wines.


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