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Samsung Combination Microwave - Review

Samsung Combination Microwave MC28H5013AK Review. The choices are endless when looking to buy a new microwave oven.

Samsung Combination Microwave MC28H5013AK
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Microwave only - a microwave with a grill - or a combination oven?

Combination microwaves allow you to use convection mode to cook food in the same way as it would in a traditional oven and microwave is not used.

Of course, you still have the option of using microwave only or microwave with the grill to brown food as its cooks.

This rather stylish Samsung Combination Microwave Smart Oven; model MC28H5013AK is excellent value for money and it is really dead easy to use.

For me, it has to be a combi microwave since I can then use it as an extension of my usual traditional oven (a bit like having two ovens) which really comes in handy when we have friends around and I'm cooking a variety of dishes or a large meal.

The trouble with shopping in regular shops these days is that you don't get to see the full range of any products since they can't keep very much of anything in stock due to the space needed.

So, personally, I find it's best to shop online. Since you can also read reviews written by customers that have actually brought the particular item enabling you to get a better idea of whether or not your chosen product is right for you.

With that in mind, off I went to search the net for my perfect combi microwave - I didn't want anything that was silly expensive but I wanted it good enough to do the job well. After much searching, I found microwaves I found this one.

Having now got my shiny new combi oven I decided to do a quick review on how I got on with it.

The interior is made of ceramic enamels which are said to be hard-wearing and make it 7 times more scratch and rust-resistant than other microwave interiors. I must say though I've never known an interior of any microwave to actually go rusty.

How do I stop my Microwave from Going Rusty inside?

*Amendment (Feb 2019) since writing this post back in 2014

I honestly hadn't heard of a microwave going rusty. But recently my mum did it turns out she had stored a chopping board down the side of her microwave which was against a wall and the chopping board was blocking up the ventilation; so yep her microwave went rusty and was fit for the skip 😥

Samsung Combination Microwave MC28H5013AK

Microwave power output 900 watts and the grill power output 1500 watts. The convection oven power output is 2100 watts and the convection oven temperature max 200°C

35 programmes and a defrost option. The 28-litre interior capacity is not massive but big enough for an ordinary-sized family and it has a child safety lock.

32cm diameter rotating turntable

Size H31, W52, D48cm and Weight is 18kg

Dough-Proving /Yoghurt Mode

Available in black this combination microwave includes a dough-proving mode and a yoghurt-making function.

I haven't as yet made yoghurt so I can't say whether it works well or not, but I have used the dough-proving works really well. Fantastic if your kitchen tends to be a bit on the cold side and you find it hard to make bread rise.


I cooked a pasta bake just like I would have in a traditional oven and it was perfectly cooked and browned in less than the time it would have taken in my usual oven. Why? Because this oven seems to heat up far quicker than my oven.

You can of course use a combination of microwave and grill if you prefer.


The grill isn't quartz and so, therefore, takes a minute or two to heat up (quartz grills are pretty much instant at heating up). 

That said this isn't actually a big deal although you can not set the temperature of the grill. Cheese on toast bubbles away and browns nicely in next to no time.


I defrosted 500g of minced beef using the Power Defrost button which has 5 different pre-programmed food types to choose from Meat, Poultry, Fish, Bread/cake and Fruit.

The minced beef defrosted evenly and without starting to cook and I was really pleased with the result.

Deodorisation Feature

I haven't actually had to use this as yet, but I would imagine it would be great if for example you've cooked a curry and now for example want to bake a cake.

Turntable On/Off

Now, this is really useful and you can turn off the turntable when using a large dish that fills the whole oven and would stop the turntable from rotating.

This feature can only be used in manual cooking modes. However, since the results may be less satisfactory you might want to turn the dish halfway through cooking.

All in All

If you're looking for a very good combination microwave at a very reasonable price then I would recommend this to anyone. Nice looking, value for money and does everything it says it will.


  1. Hi there. I am just about to buy one of these. I called Samsung with a question but they don't know the answer so I hope you don't mind me asking you! With most combi ovens when you use them in convection mode tou can only choose 7 temperatures between 40C and 200C with nothing between 40C and 100C. I think with this oven you can set temperatures between 40C and 200C in 10C steps - so you can set, 40, 50, 60, 70 and so on. It would be great if you would let me know if that's correct.
    Many thanks


  2. Hi there. Just thinking of ordering one of these. Phoned Samsun with a question but the don't know the answer! So I hope you don't mind me asking you! With most combi ovens you can only set a choice of 7 or 8 temperatures as a conventional oven - with nothing between 40C and 100C. I think with this one you can set anything between 40C and 200C in 10C steps. Would be nery pleased to know if that's correct!
    Many thanks.

  3. Hi Jenny
    I've just checked it out on mine and yes you can. 40c up to 200c and as you say yes it's in 10c steps. Hope this helps x

  4. Brilliant news! Thanks so much - I will order it right now!

  5. Are you sure the oven can reach 2100C? (in the 'about' section) - seems a tad warm to me! :-) We have bought a combi early this year and it is very good (and came with a 5 year manufacturer warranty)

  6. Haha thanks Barry - I meant 200c....altered now thanks again!

  7. Centred text is very hard to read!

  8. Hi Jon

    You're right centered text is awful; I'm actually in the middle of altering my whole blog and have about 800 more posts to alter!

    I've started with the most popular posts first, thanks for pointing this out.

  9. how do you cook a roast chicken in it, the microwave does not come with a roasting tray, do you place the bird onto the rack above the glass turn table

    1. Hi
      Yes that is what you do but not onto a metal rack as to cook a whole chicken it uses an element of microwave so you cant use anything metal. But you can just put the chicken in a glass dish.
      Hope this helps.

  10. Hi. You say you have never known a microwave interior go rusty, well my Goodman's did at the bottom, and the coating was cracking off it, and that is why I then had to replace, and this is the one I picked and am very happy with it.

    1. Hi Unknown. Actually since writing this post back in 2014 my mum's microwave went rusty! Turned out she had a chopping board stored at the side on her microwave which blocked up the ventilation. I'll and a note to this post mentioning this.
      I'm glad you have this one it's a good oven.


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