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How to Keep the Colour in Cooked Vegetables

Okay I know this isn't anything new, but for anyone wondering how to keep vegetables looking bright it's so very easy to do.  Fantastic too if you're hosting a dinner party or cooking for a lot of people, since you prepare and cook the veg in advance.

To be honest this is what I do when cooking the Sunday roast (and there are only two of us), it's far less stressful I find as my kitchen is so tiny so at least I can clear away all those saucepans!


Nothing worse than soggy, dull looking broccoli or green beans that aren't actually green anymore!

Oh and in case you are loving the serving dishes as much as I do, they are from The Sabichi Dine In Collection.
Follow my top tips and you'll never have horrid looking veg again.

Basically you just need a pick a pan that is big enough to hold the vegetables  comfortably so nothing is crammed in and cook one type of veg at a time.

Let a saucepan of salted water come to the boil and once it's boiling rapidly carefully add the vegetables.  Pop on the lid, slightly on the tilt so it isn't completely tight.

Now I'm not giving exact cooking times here since you might be cooking more or less veg than I did and of course the time depends on what you are cooking, for example carrots will take longer than runner beans.
Just say we're talking runner beans, in around 6 to 8 minutes they should be cooked.  Remove one and have a taste.

Once they're cooked through, drain and run under very cold water till they are completely stone cold - it's the cold water that stops them cooking any further and locks in the colour.   Cover and set aside - you can pop them straight into serving dishes (if you have ones that can go in the microwave as the Sabichi ones I used can).  Continue to cook the rest of your vegetables in the same way.


Of course when you want to serve them they need to be piping hot so here's what to do. 
Since the veg are already cooked and they've been plated up, all you need to do is pop them into the microwave on high for a minute or two till they are be piping hot.  Remember don't over do it as they are already cooked!

Or you can of course, toss them in butter and into a very hot frying pan to heat. 

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