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Our Wedding Anniversary - Big Night In

Yes indeed, staying in is the new going out! These days, everything seems to be getting more and more expensive and whilst it is nice to go out, it can also be just as good to stay in. With no taxis to pay for, no tips and no need to get all dressed up, you can totally relax and have a great time.

Having been set a challenge by MoneySupermarket to have a Big Night In for £50 since our wedding anniversary is in a few days time, I decided to cook up a right nice semi-posh Dinner Party for Two.

Baked Fig and Goat's Cheese with Parma ham

The Starter;
I kept everything simple, Baked Fig and Goat's Cheese with Parma ham, a few leaves and balsamic glaze. You can find the recipe here.

Next up was the Main Course;
Fillet Steak Bois Boudrin with Homemade Thick Cut Potato Wedges. The bois boudrin is so very easy to make, it literally takes 2 minutes and since it should be made in advance that's all the better for a no-fuss dinner party.

Fillet Steak Bois Boudrin

My Strawberry, White Chocolate and Vanilla (no-bake) Cheesecake is an absolute doddle to make and can even be made the day before. However I wouldn't add the strawberry halves, which also act as portion control, anymore than a few hours before serving - just so they don't leak their lovely juice over your cheesecake.
Strawberry White Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake

Oh by the way, we didn't eat the whole 12 portion cheesecake last night, but I expect without too much effort, Paul will finish most of that off today!

Slice of Strawberry White Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake

My Top Tips for a Stress Free Dinner Party;
Prepare everything that can be prepared in advance, and that includes laying the table.

Table setting

That way you too can join in the fun and enjoy the evening with a glass or two of wine - Cheers everyone!

Bargain BIG Night in for under £50!

Goat's cheese portions £2.56
Fresh figs £2.00
Few slices of Parma Ham £2.00
Salad leaves £1.00

Two Fillet Steaks £15.58
Bois Boudrin is almost impossible to cost accurately as most ingredients are in such small quantities but the main ingredient is the Piccolini tomatoes cost £1.59 plus a lemon at 39p
Potatoes for the wedges £1.00

Dessert (which actually serves 12 people)
300g Hobnob Biscuits for the base £1.39
500g Mascarpone cheese £3.00
200g Lindt White Chocolate with Vanilla £3.00
Strawberries £2.50

3 bottles of wine for £12.00 in Asda and after our dinner party we still have a bottle spare!

Absolutely Free! We talked......Do you remember this, do you remember that?!

By the way, that all adds up to the bargain price of £48.01

This is a sponsored post for MoneySupermarket who funded our big night in.

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