Spicy Mango and Chilli Topped Chicken

There's no need to marinate the chicken for hours on end.  Nice juicy chicken fillets topped with a sweet spicy mango and chilli sauce.  Of course you don't have to add any chilli at all if you prefer.

Spicy Mango and Chilli Topped Chicken
Serve with a mixture of long grain and wild rice or as always, whatever else takes your fancy.
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To make enough for 2 to 3 chicken fillets - you will need:
2 skinless chicken fillets - bashed between cling film to make them thinner so they cook quicker
1 small ripe mango - peeled, stoned and cut into small dice
2 teaspoons cumin seeds - crushed
1 tablespoon of Nigella seeds (or use black onion seeds) 
a couple of glugs of olive oil
2 fat cloves of garlic - peeled and very finely chopped
1 red chilli - deseeded and very finely chopped
a squeeze of lime juice
about 4 tablespoons of good quality mango chutney
1 or 2 teaspoons of fish sauce (Nam Pla) from any good supermarket
a small handful of coriander leaves only - chop half of it leave the rest

How to do it:
Put the diced mango into a small bowl and mash some bits with a fork leaving the rest in cubes.
Get yourself a nice non-stick frying pan and heat it up.  Throw in the crushed cumin seeds and the Nigella seeds and toast for just a minute - keep them moving and don't let them burn.  Now add them to the bowl with the mango.

Add a glug of oil to the frying pan and heat it up.
Add the chopped garlic and chilli and stir till softened - just a couple of minutes to take the rawness away.  Once it's cooled add that to the bowl too.
Now add the mango chutney and the chopped coriander along with the fish sauce (go careful, add 1 teaspoon and taste before deciding to add the rest or not).
*Just before your ready to serve add a squeeze of lime juice and the rest of the coriander and give it a stir.

Put the lot to one side while you cook your flattened chicken fillets.  Heat up another glug of olive oil (about a tablespoon) and pan fry the chicken till cooked through.   
Once they are cooked through pop them onto your plates and spoon over the mango topping.

Spicy Mango and Chilli Topped Chicken
 Serve with some nice rice - long grain and wild rice is good.

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