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Judge 2 Stage Knife Sharpener - Review

Every good chef knows that it’s important to keep their knives honed.  This new 2-Stage Sabatier Sharpener from Judge Cookware makes the job really easy.

The pull-through device makes it easy and quick to sharpen steel knives.  There's a two-stage pre-set
carbide blade and crossed ceramic stone, meaning you can restore a blunt knife edge, or simply refine/hone an existing knife edge. 
Did it Live up to My Expectations?
As I've found with the other Judge Cookware products I've been sent in the past, it did indeed!  I found the ergonomically designed handle was comfortable to hold and secure a grip. The non-slip base provided a firm support too which meant I felt safe whilst sharpening.  All in all this is a great knife sharpener and very easy to use.  

The two knives I tested it on were actually quite badly blunt and I'd declared them to be at the end of their life.  They were only still living in the drawer as I've never been quite sure how to dispose of a knives - yes in the recycling of course, but a bit dangerous to put in with the tin cans I think!  
Anyway, they gave me the chance to try this sharpener and it did a fantastic job, seriously the two knives now have a second life.       
The price is good too (at around £12) and with the weather getting better (I live in hope) and BBQ season coming up, this would make a great gift for Fathers Day!

Cleaning the Knife Sharpener After Use:
After sharpening your knives the waste is easily disposed of by removing the sharpening slots, just pinch and pull to remove.  The sharpener isn't suitable for dishwasher use and mustn't be submerged in water. 

For a list of stockists please visit Judge Cookware
Thank you to Pam and Judge Cookware for sending me one to review.

All opinions and thoughts are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of, and therefore would buy myself.


  1. This is great information. I'm just starting my Sharpener collection.I have always been a fan of the two-stage pre-set carbide blade because they are exceptional. I agree, hunting knives are great to have and they need to be sharp. I want to recommend this information what is really helpful for the home knife sharpener user.


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