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Perfect Steak from Graig Farm Organics

For me, there's nothing quite like a really nice bit of steak.  Graig Farm Organics very kindly sent me some steak, gammon and chicken to try.

You can order online from Graig Farm Organics for quality organic food products delivered over-night, straight to your door.


It has to be said, you really can taste the difference in Organic food.
For a start, the steak tasted like steak - by that I mean some supermarket meat really is tasteless and is no comparison to that from Graig Farm. 
Their beef is from native breeds, age matured to improve flavour and texture and results in perfect Sirloin Steak:

It was the same with the chicken and gammon from Graig Farm Organics, they were both juicy, tasty and very flavorsome.  
Just how proper food should be.

Delivery was excellent with everything well packaged and as you would expect, the meat was still ice cold on arrival. 
Orders are sent over-night by courier and are delivered in the UK Tuesday to Friday.  Free Delivery on orders over £50 
Saturday Delivery is also available at extra cost.

It's not all Meat and Poultry either:
Graig Farm also have a fantastic range of Organic Produce and even Organic Baby Food.

What is Organic?
There is nothing magical or mysterious about organic farming.  It is simply a low input / low output system - one which our ancestors would have understood.  Its approach is based on maintaining a sound and well balanced soil.
Put simply, the organic system of farming is the purest, practical way to minimise chemicals in food, and environmental impact, combined with the highest standards of animal welfare.

Whereas, over the past 40 years, science and economics have moved conventional farming towards the increased use of chemicals in ensuring good nutrition and health in crops and animals, the organic approach is that these tasks should be carried out naturally, without the use of chemical interference.
More about Graig Farm Organics:
Based in Montgomeryshire, Wales, the farm has been with the same family since the 1940's and specialises in a vast array of different organic foods. 

It was their dream to produce great tasting produce without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, growth promoting drugs, routine use of antibiotics, and the large amount of additives often used in ‘non-organic’ methods and in 1999 the family achieved their ambition to farm organically.

Thank you to Graig Farm Organics and Martyn for sending some meat and poultry to try.  Pop over to Graig Farm for products and delivery information.

 All opinions and thoughts are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on food or products I like the look of, and therefore would buy myself.

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