Time for a New Washing Machine!

If you've ever had your washing machine break down on you, it makes you realise just how much you use it and rely on it.  Of course you can have it repaired but if your machine is quite old, the cost of a repair outweighs the price of buying a brand new one.

Having a washing machine break down on me has happened far too many times now, and so it was decided, it’s time to buy a new one!
 After much searching the net for the right one for me, and with so many different makes and models to choose from, I decided to get a washing machine from Argos.

Argos offers an Express Delivery option on quite a few models which means you get your new machine delivered in just 2 days - marvelous!  I wanted a brand that was considered reliable, so after much research I went for a Bosch machine – click here for Bosch washing machines.
Over at the Argos website you can select a few washing machines to compare against each other.  Of course other sites have this feature too, but I found some didn’t actually work, which was very frustrating and wasn’t much use to me in the slightest.

Anyway, my new machine has an energy efficiently rating of A++ and a quick wash option to wash in just 15 minutes.  The delayed start button means I can set it to start when I fancy (up to 24 hours) and with a 7kg capacity drum it’s big enough to cope with my never ending piles of washing.  All in all I’m really pleased with the whole Argos experience.

Domino's RedHot Wings and Toffee Apple Cookies - Review

Domino's the Pizza Delivery people kindly sent me a couple of vouchers to try their Frank's RedHot Wings and Domino's Toffee Apple Cookies.

About the wings:  Now it has to be said, they are not joking when they say Franks RedHot Wings are HOT!  But in this house we like hot and spicy so this can only be a good thing.

 Picture supplied by Domino's

FRANK’S® RedHot® the renowned sauce, famous for being the key ingredient in their original world-famous Buffalo Wings.  A fiery flavour using a blend of aged cayenne peppers to create heat.


Domino's Gluten Free Pizza - Review

Domino’s the pizza delivery people have just launched a new gluten-free pizza. 
Pizza suitable for coeliacs and those who are gluten-intolerant and is accredited by Coeliac UK, the national charity for people with coeliac disease.

 Pizza Picture supplied by Domino's

It's good to see that Domino's gluten-free pizza is charged at the same price as its other pizzas, as some gluten-free products attract a premium elsewhere.
I was totally impressed when I phoned my order through asking for a 'Hot and Spicy' Gluten Free pizza, the person that took my order pointed out that the topping I'd chosen was not suitable for a gluten-free diet.  I assured her it didn't matter, it was okay, I was ordering it just to try the new gluten-free pizza base.  She went on to ask me twice more to make quite certain that no one that would eat the pizza was gluten-intolerant. 

How to Make The Perfect Scotch Egg

Perfectly moist and totally delicious.  Scotch eggs may cause a little bit of mess in your kitchen in the making of them, but they are so worth the effort.  You'll never buy ready made ones again.

The Perfect Scotch Egg

Having never made Scotch eggs before I must have read at least 10 different recipes ranging from cooking the egg for 2 minutes to 10 minutes.

I opted for 5 minutes but when I make these again I'll go for 4 minutes.
The secret lies in buying good quality meat and sausages and of using course Free range eggs - as always.

Leftover Recipe - Potatoes Carrots and Gammon with Fried Egg

Great way to use up any leftovers such as boiled potatoes, carrots and any bacon or other bits and bobs that take your fancy.  Top with a fried egg and there you have it a nice easy snack taking just minutes to make and serve.

Just like bubble and squeak, except this doesn't have greens.
Perfect for using up any leftovers from bacon and pease pudding, which is actually what this is.

Giveaway - Cooler Bag of Assorted Boursin Cheeses

Do you fancy winning a Cooler Bag Full of assorted Boursin Cheeses?
I'm already a huge fan of Boursin cheese so I didn't say no when I was asked if they could send me a range of their cheese to try.  Boursin with Fig and Nuts is just the thing for Christmas.

Containing a mixture of fig and nuts such as walnut, pecan and cashews it sounds great and everyone at a recent dinner party thought so to.  Personally I wasn't over keen although I've no idea why - this sort of thing is usually right up my street.  However, statistics show (from our dinner party) 5 out of 6 people love it.  Conclusion - it must just be me.

I already buy Boursin with Garlic and Herbs and we love it.  If you like garlic then you'll love this one.  I'd have liked to have tried the Boursin with Tomato, Onion and Chive but I think someone put two of the fig and nut cheese in my parcel and didn't send me any tomato, so I've still to try that one!
Boursin Light - same taste just a good few calories less - marvelous! 

You can see the rest of the Boursin range over at their website.
They also have a great range of yummy looking recipes using Boursin too.
Tell me about the Competition!
One lucky reader of A Glug of Oil will win a Cooler Bag full of a assorted cheeses as shown in the picture above.  Please note: This prize can only be sent to an address in the UK.
*Please note the tomatoes and cheese board are NOT included.

 How do I enter?
To be in with a chance of winning a just follow the Rafflecopter instructions to enter.  The Rafflecopter widget enables me to check that you have Tweeted and or FaceBooked.  Entries will be verified.  Closing date 12:01am 29th November 2012 EST
To see a short video on how easy it is to use Rafflecopter click here.


Pork and Date Stuffing Recipe

Perfect with Sunday roast chicken, but this stuffing is especially nice at Christmas and is so very easy to make too. 
Pork and Date Stuffing

If you use pork that hasn't been previously frozen you can make these now, freeze them and that's another job done for Christmas day! 

Of course you don't have to make the stuffing into balls, you can just put it in a tray and cook.

Olive Oil Dipping Dish

This dipping dish is so cute, I love it.  The ridges not only add to it's already good looks, but they are there for a purpose.  You can use them to wipe away excess oil off of your bread, making it both practical and stylish.  

Olive Oil Dipping Dish

I was instantly drawn to this product as any foodie person would be and I want 3 more for Christmas!

The dipping dish arrived well packaged and perfectly presented in a sturdy box along with a leaflet telling you about the artist Mary Judge (the designer of this dish) and a bit about the background of the product. 


Boeuf Bourguignon with Wild Mushrooms

I've made Boeuf Bourguignon in the past and it's been good, but this recipe by Marco Pierre White for Knorr is something truly delicious.  I particularly liked the way the baby onions, bacon and wild mushrooms were cooked at the very end and then poured over as a garnish.  The browned onions were then finished in a little more Port, which can only be a good thing.

My picture doesn't make this dish look anywhere near as tasty as it was.  Hot food and dark nights make everything seriously difficult to photograph! 

Having recently been sent the ingredients from Knorr which arrived all nicely packed and where supplied by Forman and Field my challenge was to make Marco's recipe or come up with something of my own.

Slow Cooker - Spicy Chicken Stew with Sweet Peppers and Cannellini Beans

It has to be said, this slow cooker by Judge Cookware is excellent value for money.  If you want to cook for one or two people then the 1.5 litre is the way to go.  This model is also available in larger sizes 3.5L and 5L capacity.

Recommended by Delia too!
Being a bit of a fan of slow cookers in general (and you could say I have an obsession with them) I now have four.  My largest is 6.5L but I seldom use it.  There are only two of us and I've found this size 1.5L to be perfect.
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